You fancy some new shoes or a designer dress. Perhaps you want the new iPhone. Maybe you are planning a family trip, and you need to buy plane tickets. How do you usually make purchases?

If you had $1000 in cash or an equivalent in the bank, would you use it? Using cash or a debit card would simply let you buy those things. But what if there was a better way? A way where you could get more from your purchases and get rewarded for those transactions!

Using credit cards, you can get rewards from your purchases. Companies like Australia and New Zealand Banking Groups (ANZ) provide rewards on credit card purchases like point reward points, frequent flyer miles, and cash-back options. You can redeem your rewards to make future purchases cheaper.

Features of the ANZ Credit Card

ANZ provides a wide range of credit card options, with its own perks. These options range from affordable cards, for the average person to reap benefits from their everyday purchases to lucrative options for more benefits and exclusive offers.

The ANZ rewards card is an easy and safe way to make purchases. For every eligible purchase from 36 million convenient locations worldwide, customers are credited with reward points which can be redeemed for added benefits.

What are the Benefits?

At present, it’s very easy to face identity theft or credit fraud. The world is a safer place with ANZ Falcon’s round-the-clock transaction monitoring. And, with the ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee, you won’t be liable for fraudulent charges on your card.

ANZ also provides facile banking with mobile/ internet banking and direct debit with CardPay Direct. It gets easier with the ANZ app, accessible by any compatible smartphone or wearable device.

The best benefit, however, is the reward system. The reward points can be redeemed for gift cards, shopping vouchers, merchandise, and frequent flyer miles among others. There is also a cash-back option so that you can reduce your balance on your cards.

Are you Eligible?

The wise use of credit banking to reap lucrative benefits already means you are smart with your money. But, do you meet the checklist to be eligible for holding the coveted ANZ rewards card? Here’s the list to apply for this card.

  • Be 18 years old or above
  • Be a permanent Australian citizen or have above 9 months on your Visa
  • Have a good credit rating

If you’re applying for an offer, you have to ensure you haven’t applied or held any ANZ rewards credit card in the past 12 months.

How to Apply?

Applying for a credit card may seem daunting, but is actually quite easy. ANZ cards can be applied for online, on the secured ANZ application form. You need to fill in your basic personal information, including your address, occupation, tax residency, and, if you have one, a driver’s license.

As for finances, you have to give ANZ details of your income, assets, along with loans or credit cards, if you have any. You’ll also need to submit details of your living expenses.

After successful submission, you may need to provide documents related to your income, loans, and expenses. For newcomers to ANZ, verification of identity is also required.

You can also apply directly to your nearest ANZ branch.

Credit Card Fees

As the adage goes “With great power comes great responsibility”, so does with credit banking. Holding an ANZ credit card comes with fees and interest rates on purchases. But, ANZ provides different options based on your spending and lifestyle.

It’s up to you to pick the option that best works for you. For the basic ANZ Rewards Card, the numbers are the following.

  • Total annual fee: $80
  • Interest rates on purchases: 20.24%
  • Cash advances: 20.24%
  • Standard balance transfers: 20.24%

There is also a minimum credit limit of $1,000, but it also has the flexibility of interest-free days on purchases, which is up to 55 days. For more lucrative options like the Platinum or Black cards, the total annual fee, and minimum credit varies.

Contact Information

Telephone: +61392735555


ANZ Centre Melbourne, Level 9

833 Collins Street, Docklands,

Victoria 3008, Australia


As a consumer, it is imperative to pick an option that best suits your interests. With its many perks, ANZ credit cards make for a good option to consider. You can find more about the features of the ANZ credit cards from their website, and then make a decision.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit/ loan. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.