By allowing users to compare rates from various pharmacies and collect discounts, the GoodRx app helps people save money on prescription drugs. 

Drug costs differ according to the pharmacy, which is why GoodRx can help patients find the best place to fill their prescriptions. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store and the Google Play store for free on iOS and Android devices.

Before downloading this app, get to know GoodRx though this blog! Read on to learn more.

Application to Get Discounts on Medicines - Free Download
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How This App Works

It’s reasonably easy to use the GoodRx software – you can download the app and enter your condition to see all the common drugs associated with it. 

You can compare rates from there and see where all pharmacies are on the map to find the one that best fits your needs. You can also find some coupons (as GoodRx gathers coupons for you) and use the pharmacy coupons by either showing the device or printing them out.

GoodRx has a free smartphone app for both Iost devices and Android devices. You can access more than 75,000 pharmacies in the United States with the app and download and print coupons down to 80 percent. 

Consumers can obtain information about their prescriptions about side effects and locate nearby pharmacies and their operating hours.

Benefits of Using the App

The rating of the Better Business Bureau is a gold standard for many people on how well an enterprise operates and treats its clients. GoodRx has an A+ rating at the time of this review and has full accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. 

The organization has lodged just one adverse lawsuit in the last 3 years. The firm is pleased to fix any problem a customer may have with a discount coupon quickly. GoodRx offers explicitly contact information on its website about its customer support. 

One great thing about GoodRx is that it provides family pets and their owner’s knowledge and discounts on drugs.

Saving Money with GoodRx 

GoodRx says customers will save up to 80 percent off the prescription drug bill. The app does a fantastic job of highlighting $4 generics and even 100 percent of free medicines from my experience! 

GoodRx suggests that you send your pharmacist a new coupon each time you fill or refill a prescription to ensure you still get the lowest price.

GoodRx Gold: Upgrade Price

The mobile app and other services offered by the company are completely free to use by consumers. Consumers can search the website for medication and get all the information they need at no charge. 

The website will provide a description, pricing, and pharmacies available nearby. A summary of possible side effects and any recent news articles about the drug will also be posted on the website. Consumers can print free coupons and obtain a free discount card.

GoodRx is free to use, but the paid subscription program does require a monthly fee. GoodRx Gold is $5.99 per month for people, and $9.99 per month for up to six members of the family, including pets.

GoodRx Care

GoodRx Care, driven by HeyDoctor, provides online medical services starting at $20 – no insurance needed. 

The program allows patients to discuss regular health problems such as high cholesterol, urinary tract infections, acne, hair loss prevention, and more with a board-certified medical professional online. 

GoodRx claims appointments with the private doctor take 10 minutes or less, without needing a video or phone call.

How to Download GoodRx for Free

Application to Get Discounts on Medicines - Free Download
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You can search for information regarding pharmacies and medicines while on the go. However, the app makes it easy to view your voucher straight from your mobile to the pharmacy.

This app is for free when you download it from the Google Play store and the Apple App store. Directly install the app on your device. 


GoodRx app is helpful, not only to your family but including your pets as well! This is a convenient online tool if you unintentionally mix up your pills and can’t tell which one is. With this app, you can choose the right option and get information on prices and discounts. Download the GoodRx app now