If you are a Star Trek fan, then you are in for a treat with the CBS All Access app. You can now stream your favorite Star Trek shows, like Star Trek: Discovery, and even the new Star Trek: Picard all for a small fee.

CBS All Access offers a lot more than just the journeys to the final frontier. After all, it is the all-in-one streaming channel where you can also watch shows, like The Good Fight.

You also get to watch live news, sports, and special programs, like the Grammys, all with the new CBS All Access app. However, with so many streaming channels already in place, what makes CBS All Access stand out? Read on to learn more about it.

Application to Watch Soap Operas - How to Download for Free

Overview of the CBS All Access App

Unlike other streaming services, CBS All Access app is a single-network streaming service. It allows viewers to watch the content or live television only from CBS even when you don’t have a cable subscription. 

To access CBS All Access, all you need is a compatible device and a high-speed internet connection. Now, you can not only watch CBS all day, but you also get access to exclusive content like Star Trek: Discovery

Besides, you can also watch CBS live all day, not only just on television or your phone but also from other support devices, like Amazon Fire TV, Roku. You can also cast it from your phone to television!

What Content Does CBS All Access Offer?

The CBS All Access consists of content from its parent company’s catalog. ViacomCBS owns a large number of channels which essentially gives CBS access to a massive library of shows from Cheers to Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show.  

On the top, the CBS All Access app also lets you watch the on-demand content of the current seasons of most of the shows. So, even when you miss your daily soap, you can always catch up on it in the on-demand section. 

In addition, you can stay all caught up on the global news with the 24/7 stream of CBSN – the live news channel. Although CBS All Access is a single-network streaming service, you can also get access to Showtime content in exchange for an additional fee. 

This is likely since CBS owns Showtime, and it makes all the more sense to add premium Showtime content to CBS All Access. 

How to Sign up for CBS All Access

Well, it is super easy to sign up for CBS All Access and as a bonus, you also get a free trial period. If you ever change your mind within the trial period, you can always cancel the subscription.

Head over to the CBS All Access website and select the “Try It Free button. Next, enter all your information and then choose a password. Diligently, read the terms and conditions, and then select the ​checkbox if you agree.

Now, all you need to do is select “Sign-Up”. Choose a suitable plan, and enter your billing information. Now, you are all set to enjoy CBS shows with the CBS All Access app be it on television or on the go.

What Are the Different CBS All Access Plans?

Application to Watch Soap Operas - How to Download for Free

The only difference that sets both the plans apart, is the number of commercials you have to sit through. While the commercial-free plan removes them as the name suggests, but the cheaper plan includes commercials embedded videos. 

Even if you get the commercial-free version, the live stream would still have commercials. However, don’t forget that if you choose the ad-free version, the trial is much shorter. 

Also, you are allowed to have a maximum of two streams from your devices. However, you can always mix and match the compatible devices, with live and on-demand content.

The Bottom Line

So, the next time something comes up and you are forced to miss an episode of your favorite soap opera, don’t forget to tune into CBS All Access app. Plus, also catch up on the live news on your local CBS channel, without any fuss!