There’s an app for everything, from buying food to searching for love Thankfully, the job hunt is no different. Nowadays, seeking a career does not require combing through newspaper listings or being limited to mobile websites. Alternatively, there is a range of applications with job openings that you can easily browse.

You’re busy, your life is hectic, you don’t have a lot of time to look for a job, and you don’t want to be trapped at your desktop searching for jobs. Well, with these apps, you can look for jobs on the go wherever you are.

Like almost everything else in your life, the hunt for a career has gone mobile. So, to easily look for jobs throughout your day, check out these applications with job openings.

applications with job openings
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Why You Need These Apps

There’s not anything you can’t do with one of the apps that links job seekers to open positions. Much of the application process can be completed with your phone or laptop, but sometimes it can be a little tedious. Even so, you can search and apply for a job without using a computer.

Taking it a step further, some of the apps allow you to create a resume, match open jobs, and apply directly from the app, saving you time and effort.

There is a wide range of both iOS and Android applications with job openings. To discover some of the best options, check out this list.

Apps You Need For Your Next Career


Did you know that 77% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to identify prospective job candidates? LinkedIn is a powerful all-in-one job-search app that is great for networking, exchanging professional news, connecting with co-workers, and searching for jobs.

First, set your availability to “Open to Work Openings” on your profile. Note that this information is only available to Recruiters. With this, you can obtain openings directly to your InMail box.

Then, set up job-search alerts to receive updates of the most recent, appropriate postings. If you want even more intel, such as wage assessments and how you compete with other candidates, sign up for Premium, which is free for the first month.


This app allows you to upload your resume and submit it very quickly. However, this app may feel too much like a mobile extension of the desktop platform.

It’s search-based, making it difficult to actively discover new places. You will need to fill in certain job-specific information to apply to other positions, including things such as cover letters, portfolios, and samples. It can be an uncomfortable phase when you do all that from a smartphone.


Glassdoor is another popular search website that comes with an app. Nevertheless, it differs from other places on this list because it offers a lot of insight into employment. It helps you scan the new job listings, read business reviews, and learn more about compensation and benefits. Set up email alerts to get the most recent work postings.

Facebook Jobs

We often just think Facebook is a friendly place to communicate with friends, but it also has a massive work board. The Work connect is in the left column of your Facebook home page on your desktop or laptop, under the Explore line.\

You can use the Facebook smartphone app, which can be downloaded from Google Play for Androids or iTunes for iPhones.

If you consider a post that appeals to you, press the Apply Now button. It will take you to the employer’s Facebook page. Tap Apply Now again, and you’ll see a tab with your name and any education or job history you’ve made public on your Facebook profile.


The CareerBuilder app provides work seekers with tools for every step of the job hunt and beyond. Users can create and save a customized resume with just a few clicks, and you will use your resume to apply for jobs of interest. Some alerts proactively warn you when your resume has been posted and who is watching it.


If you’re looking for part-time or hourly jobs, then Snagajob is your device. You will have instant access to their database of new work openings, and the app also matches you with a position that suits you well.

In addition to the one-click application feature, which allows you to quickly apply to a job, Snagajob also lets you show your personality to an employer with a personality quiz. You can also add a video to your profile.


If you’re having trouble coordinating your job-search process, then JobAware could just be the app you’ve been searching for. JobAware aggregates job listings by so you can check for keyword and location openings.

Then, and this is where JobAware is unique, you can categorize jobs as priorities: dream employment, second-choice employment, and third-choice jobs. You may also file posts at various stages of the job-search cycle. This way, you can keep track of where you are at. 


Try out one or more of these applications with job openings to create more opportunities and develop your career! If you are in search of a new job, these are invaluable tools for you.