As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimations, jobs for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree and other specialist occupations will rise by an above-average 13 percent through 2022.

Employers will be searching for individuals with expertise in business fundamentals, management, and leadership in an increasingly competitive, dynamic, and crowded job market.

With flexible course scheduling and professional-interest tailoring choices, online BBAs are an excellent and inexpensive degree that can often be completed at an accelerated pace.

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Overview of Bachelor of Business Administration Programs

A bachelor’s in business administration program online has become so popular that when choosing a program, it can be hard to know where to start.

Although selecting the most convenient one to your wallet may be appealing, there are several other legitimate options to consider, such as scheduling choices, areas of focus and concentration, and reputation for programming, just to name a few.

In this list, we deliver our take on the top 50 bachelor’s degree programs in online business administration available today.

The Best Online Bachelor of Business Administration Programs

Eastern Oregon University – B.S. in Business Administration Online

The Eastern Oregon University’s flexible online business administration bachelor’s program includes five concentrations: leadership, organization, and management; marketing; accounting; general business; and global food and agribusiness systems.

Students studying will take core classes, such as business data processing, information management, accounting theory, and operations management. In their chosen focus, they will also take courses such as Concepts of International Business, Marketing Analysis, Agribusiness Finance, and Leaders’ Legal Issues.

A management minor is also available online in addition to the online curriculum of this top BBA program. In-state tuition is estimated at $8,362.

American Public University – BBA in Business Administration Online

American Public University offers an incredible range of focus opportunities online. it’s a full-time, four-year BBA, including Business Research, International Business Management, Marketing, Information Technology Management, Economics, Data Analytics, and more.

For example, significant courses include Financial Management Foundations, Critical Thinking Techniques of Business Decisions, Law and Ethics in the World of Business, and Global Competitive Strategy.

Students can also take 39 elective credits. Monthly start dates make it realistic for students to start earning their BBA degrees online. In-state tuition is $6,880.

Purdue University – Global – BBA Online

In terms of flexibility, Purdue University-Global offers one of the best online BBA programs. The curriculum covers, for example, Social Media / Internet Marketing, Financial Analysis, Acquisition, Finance, Real Estate, and Sales Management – over a dozen different focus choices.

Business statistics and statistical tests, corporate business, small business management, and business process management are the main criteria for the courses. This also requires an internship or a capstone.

Students who want a master’s degree may also take advantage of the university’s accelerated bachelor / MBA program. Multiple start dates per annum bring additional convenience. This online university costs $9,992.

West Texas A&M University – BBA Online

West Texas A&M University, through its esteemed Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business, offers a flexible online B.A. program. Students participating in the program can select from these primary options: Accounting, Business General, Management, Marketing, Law, and Economics. The online program costs $7,846.

The courses featured include business and economic statistics, conflict resolution and negotiation, employment law, and management of production and operations. West Texas A&M students can choose to complete their BBA online or through a blended learning option.

The University of Florida – Bachelor’s in Business Administration Online

The University of Florida provides two business administration programs for the online bachelor: a B.A. and an option for the B.S.

All programs are delivered by Warrington College of Business, which includes core business courses such as Operations and Supply Chain Management, Business Decision Statistics, Business Finance, and International Management.

The B.A. choice also includes eight different fields of specialization, including, for example, history, sociology, sport management, and mass communication.

Students who complete their online Bachelor of Business Administration programs are eligible for careers as personal financial managers, labor relations experts, buyers and brokers, market research analysts, and more. Tuition costs $3,876 in-state.

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With an initial pool of 86 approved colleges, the hunt for the best online bachelor’s in business administration programs commenced. To narrow down the list and rate them in order of choice, information was collected from the website of each program, as well as from reputable sources such as College Navigator and U.S. News & World Report.

Remember that in a tie case, the higher ranking was given to the more accessible colleges. If you want to know more about business administration as a course, these online programs will help you navigate your way to a better career in business. Start applying now!