Knowing your BMI is a good way to keep track of your lifestyle and health. Specifically, by computing the ratio of your weight and height, you can determine where you currently stand at the weight chart, whether at normal, underweight, overweight, or obese.

Fortunately, using BMI calculators, you can now ditch the traditional method of using the height-weight chart to determine your BMI. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone with a health condition that necessitates strict monitoring of your body fat, getting such a calculator can benefit you.

Splend Apps’s BMI Calculator app is among the best tools you have. Boasting its simplicity and advanced functionality, this mobile platform can help you easily calculate your body mass index within a matter of seconds. Read on to learn more about this app.

BMI Calculator - Learn How to Calculate for Free

What Is BMI?

Before we head straight into discussing Splend Apps’s BMI Calculator, it’s important to settle what BMI is in the first place. BMI, or Body Mass Index, refers to the measurement of a person’s weight in proportion to his height. 

Specifically, this helps a person identify the amount of body fat that they have. Traditionally, to calculate your BMI, you must first measure your weight and height. Once done, simply divide your weight by your height. 

Get the results and refer to the traditional BMI scale to see where you stand on the weight chart. Specifically, a BMI measuring 18.4 and under means you’re underweight. 

18.5 to 24.9 indicates you’re healthy. Meanwhile, 25 to 29.9 BMI suggests that a person is overweight, and a 30 and above equates to being obese.

BMI Calculator – What Is It?

True to its name, the BMI Calculator is a mobile app designed to help users calculate and keep track of their BMI in a matter of seconds.

Serving as modern technology, it automatically calculates the BMI of a person, allowing users to ditch the need to manually compute their BMI by dividing their weight by their height and locating the results in the BMI scale.

Specifically, to calculate a user’s BMI, the app uses the D. R. Miller formula. Aside from one’s body mass index, the calculator also provides an estimate of the ideal weight a person should gain to become fit and healthy. 

To arrive at the latter, the app uses the formula derived by Deurenberg and co-workers. Basic, straightforward, and easy to understand, Splend Apps’s BMI Calculator is considered to be among the best options when it comes to calculating one’s body mass index.

How to Calculate BMI Using the BMI Calculator?

To calculate your BMI, you must first download the BMI Calculator online. The app is available on Google Play Store for free. Once the download is complete, launch the app to start. 

The platform will ask you to provide your age, gender, height, and weight. Once done, the app will automatically compute your BMI, along with your ideal weight and body fat.

Below the results, you can see where your measurement stands on the weight meter, enabling you to determine whether you’re underweight, normal, overweight, and obese.

Benefits of Knowing Your BMI

BMI Calculator - Learn How to Calculate for Free

Generally, knowing your BMI comes with tons of advantages. Knowing where you stand in terms of your weight, and it predicts chances of developing a range of chronic conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular disease, Anemia, or others.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to see where you currently stand on the weight scale? Measure your health and see whether your lifestyle is on the right track by calculating your BMI today.