Are you new to the gym or simply reintroducing it into your life? Either way, taking a trip to the gym a few days a week can change your life.

Many will wonder just how soon results can be seen, and the truth is that results will almost instantaneously show up. From day one, your body will begin to change.

The trick is to stick with it for prolonged success. To give you a little motivation, we thought we would take a look at just what happens on the very first day of your gym life, so let’s get started!

What Happens to the Body on the First Day at the Gym?

Preparation – Things to Consider

If you are trying to get into shape after sitting at your desk for hours, then hitting the gym may be the first thing you think about. Motivation is key, as well as being prepared for your first session.

From the right clothes to having a workout mindset, being prepared for the journey is crucial. The first thing to understand is your motivation. 

Are you looking to shed some pounds, or are you trying to bulk up? This decision will have an impact on everything else, so before you get started, decide what goals you are aiming to achieve. 

You should wear loose, dry-fit clothing and have a good pair of supportive shoes. Don’t forget your towel, as you will be sweating up a storm for sure. This will help make you more comfortable.

The first thing you may want to do is research a workout routine that will be good for a first-timer at the gym. Then, once you get to your destination, walk the room and get a good idea of what your plan of attack is. Then, you are ready to get started.

Physical Impact

The minute you start to move, your body begins eating up the energy that is stored within. This energy comes from glucose, which your body stores as glycogen. 

Glycogen is created from your carb intake. Once you have burned through your body’s store of glycogen, your body will begin converting fat and protein, which will be transformed into glucose to ensure your body has enough energy to operate. 

This means that the fat stored in your body will begin to be used up, and that equates to the loss of body fat. To keep the momentum going, you will need to make sure to manage your calorie intake, so make sure to track your nutritional intake.

Mental Impact

As you exercise, your muscles are being damaged. This is part of the building process, as when you are done and have your downtime, your muscles will repair themselves. Don’t worry – this is all part of the process, and it is not damage in the negative way you are thinking.

That is why there is pain when you work out. Our brains are designed to handle this, and once there is pain, it begins to release endorphins. 

These chemicals help create a euphoric feeling and help you go harder. Once you have stopped exerting yourself, the brain releases more endorphins, helping boost your mood.

Cognitive Impact

Another thing that happens on your first day and every day after that is that more blood is pumped through your body. As you exercise, your blood circulates more and more and sends this blood to your muscles. This includes the brain. 

Your brain will receive an elevated push of blood, which will improve your brain cell function. You will find yourself more alert and focused both during and after a workout

What Happens to the Body on the First Day at the Gym?


As you can see, there is a lot that happens on your first day at the gym. After you have finished your gym time, you may feel sore for a few days, especially if this is your first time working out in a while. 

This is normal, so just keep going. By understanding what happens to your body when working out, you will be able to better formulate your pre- and post-workout routines, as well.

No pain, no gain, right? Even if you’re a little sore for a few days, make sure to stick with your schedule, get a health coach, and you will be able to achieve your fitness goals.