If you are a fan of this game, you will also know about those cards and characters that will just frustrate you. Some of them are quite difficult to neutralize when under attack, which might cause you to lose the battle.

Players around the world have a specific character they just hate to battle against, and some of them have become quite notorious. We take a look at the most hated cards and characters in this game’s online community.

So without further ado, let us see which one of those characters and cards are hated the most by gamers of Clash Royale.

Clash Royale: See the Most Hated Cards and Characters in the Game

Who Is Your Nemesis?

Every one of us has a character or card we just hate to battle against in the Clash Royale online game. You may not agree with the order in the list below, but you will agree that they are not easy to fight.

See the following YouTube video if you want to know some of the most hated cards and characters in the game.

1. Inferno Dragon

This card in the Clash Royale game is very difficult to fight against when it is attacking your castle. The bad thing about the Inferno Dragon is that if it locks onto your tower, you have nothing to stop it with.

When the inferno dragon is busy attacking your tower, it will take only 3 seconds for your tower to go down. Don’t you just hate when you know your tower is going down and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it?

This is why this character in the Clash Royale game is one of the most hated cards in the game.

2. Electro Wizard

The Electro Wizard is also a very difficult opponent to fight against in a battle with the character’s multiple functions. This card brings not only the lightning spell into the battle, but also is quite strong in battle employment.

Yes, this character will damage two opponents at a time, making the damage even worse. So you can not blame the gamers for hating to come up against this card in the game in a battle.

3. Mega Knight

This new member of the legionary in the Clash Royale game is one of the strongest characters to fight against. It is super strong and does a lot of employment damage on the battlefield against other units.

It also has the special feature of the jump damage that will quickly and easily take out a tower if you are not aware. It also does extra damage with splash damage, and it has a large number of health points, so it is not easy to take out.

4. The Miner

The Miner is one of the most underrated cards in the game where it has a double function while you are under attack. What happens with most people is that when they see the Miner, they focus on taking it out as soon as possible.

But that is just where the strength of the Miner lays, and that is to distract you from all the other cards. So while you are focusing on the Miner, the other characters do a lot of damage to your towers and castle.

Do not underestimate this very hateful card in the game; while it does a lot of damage, it also distracts you. See this YouTube video on why so many people just hate to be in a battle against the Miner.

5. Night Witch

The Night Witch might not be much of a threat by itself, but it provides a lot of support to the bats. These bats do a lot of damage to your towers, and they will take down a tower in only a short time.

And most of all is that a Night Witch is usually deployed with a tank that will provide protection to it. When you see a Night Witch entering the battle, you know the battle will be over very soon, which is just so frustrating.

Clash Royale: See the Most Hated Cards and Characters in the Game


The list mentioned here is just a few of the most hated cards and characters in the Clash Royale game. And many people may differ from this list depending on their personal experience with different characters and cards in battle.

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