Mobile phones always store personal data over the past couple of years. Cell phones are usually used daily; they send emails, keep voicemails, send text messages, share videos and pictures, and browse through the social media. Some people use their mobile phones to conduct business as well.

Someone accessing your data is a disaster that no one wants to encounter. But why would someone have access to your data? There are many reasons why someone would access your phone. Perhaps your phone contains essential data that the spy is interested in.

In case you are wondering how you can discover if someone is spying on your phone, this is the article for you. Let’s find out how to protect your phone so one can to spy on you.

Unexpected Reboot

Does your cell phone restart without an apparent reason or without you restarting it? If that’s the case, it’s likely that someone has unaccredited access to your mobile phone.

Unexpected Text Messages

Have you received strange messages? Usually, such messages contain several weird characters, symbols, random numeric sequences, and more. These messages indicate that your phone has unauthorized access, and someone is tapping into your data.

Increased Shut Down Duration

Like a personal computer, which usually shuts down all active processes after you decide to switch it off, a cell phone does the same.

Your mobile phone will shut down all its active processes before it closes down completely. But if your cell phone is continuously shutting down, that’s a sign that it’s your data is being monitored.

More so, if you have just completed several calls and you try to switch off your device, and it takes longer time than it always does, this could be a sign that your cell phone is dealing with an actively running software.

Abnormally High Data Usage

Usually, if your data usage is higher than average, there’s a possibility that someone is keeping an eye on your device. Spy software tools often use a notable amount of data to dispatch the collected information from your device.

Odd Sounds During Calls

Long ago, cell phone lines were not stable and had uncanny background noises. However, today’s systems have secure, stable connections and a strong signal.

Therefore, it’s not reasonable to hear distant voices or weird clicking sounds cut in your conversations. If you hear weird voices during a call and are sure it’s not someone close to the person you are talking to, then there’s a high chance that your conversation is being tapped.

Difficulty Shutting Down Your Device

Are you having a hard time shutting down your cell phone? This could be a pointer that your device is compromised.

Initially, spy software might prevent you from shutting down your device because it has to keep running in the background. The spy app might cause the backlight of your screen to fail to switch off to a completely black screen.

Poor Battery Performance

An evident sign of spy software on your cell phone is having an unexpected drop in your mobile phone’s battery performance.

Spy software on a device taps into all your activities and dispatches this information to a third-party tool. Besides the high data usage, if your mobile phone is continuously losing battery unexpectedly, this could be because of the spy software.

When a spy software is recording with a speaker or camera, it will use some battery, which in return might drain your device’s battery quickly.


To sum it up, your mobile phone is equipped with reliable software and hardware, so it should be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

However, if you are wondering how to discover if someone is spying on your mobile phone, do not ignore signs like deteriorating battery life, difficulty shutting down your device, odd sounds in your calls, abnormally high data usage, an increased shut down duration, unexpected messages, and unexpected reboots. All these are signs that you are remotely monitored and controlled.