Using the GPS dog and cat tracker, you do not need to be worried about searching for your pet again. When you get this app today, you can finally have peace of mind! If you have ever been worried about your four-legged creature fleeing away, you have a potent solution in the Tractive GPS tracker. 

Typically, you can spot your pet on the map, and this technology is not limited to any distance. In addition to locating your cat and dog, this app also enables you to track them in actual time.

So, with the Tractive GPS tracker app, you can track the precise GPS position of either your cat or dog remotely at any time. Read on to learn more about this, and how to download it.

Find Pets with This App - See How to Download and Use
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How to Download the App

This app is free to download for Android or iOS. To get this app on your device, first, locate the App store on your device. Launch it, and then in the search box, search for “Tractive GPS Tracker”.

Wait for the available versions and choose the latest version as the app has undergone various modifications. Click “Download” and wait for some time as your app is being downloaded to your device. You can then click on “Install” to ensure that your app is ready for use.

The Main Features of This App

The Tractive GPS Tracker can help you track your cat, dog, or another creature in actual time. Also, this app helps you monitor all the activities of your pet. Perhaps you are interested in seeing what your pet is doing at any particular time, and this is the ideal app for you.

Moreover, the app allows you to check on the history of where your pet has been for the duration of time you are interested in. Also, you can always set create a virtual fence around your pet to enable it to move around a certain perimeter.

With the virtual fence, you will get notifications once your cat or dog, or any creature that you are monitoring goes out of the defined region. This gives you and your family great peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a specific area at a particular time.

The Interactive Map

The Tractive GPS Tracker has an enormous interactive map that enables you to view the position of all your pets with the display, trackers, and zoom of the location of each pet

Also, you can complement this by adding numerous pet animals with GPS trackers within the tractive platform. Additionally, you can switch between the satellite view, OSM view, or the first map view.

Activity and Live Tracking

In case you are looking for your pet, the app allows you to use the LIVE mode to trace the places your pet trades. As such, tractive gives you the location almost every second!

The Tractive GPS app keeps a record of daily events and the characteristics of your pet. It also gives you very crucial information that will assist you to keep them activated and healthy. 

Also, you can set the activity objectives for your pet, and conduct a comparative analysis between your pet, and the pet of your neighbor/friend.

Family and Public Sharing

Find Pets with This App - See How to Download and Use
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The Tractive GPS tracker allows you to share information with your friends and family publicly! This is very key in case your pet has got away or if you need a family person to take care of your animal. 

The other feature that this app has are the location heat-map and history, and the updated battery status. The app will always show you the battery status of the GPS Tracker, indicating the amount of battery remaining, and reminds you if the battery is low.


The Tractive GPS tracker is an outstanding app that enables you to locate your pet, either cat or dog. It is easy to download from the App store, and you can install it free of cost today in your device. Tracking your pet has never been this easy. Never allow your pet to get lost again!