The accordion is a musical instrument that looks like a smaller piano that you can carry on your shoulders. It is played by compressing and expanding the bellows and pressing the buttons or keys at the same time. 

This causes the pallets to open allowing air to flow into the strips of steel or brass, which are called Reeds. Once they vibrate, they produce sound inside the body of the instrument. 

Learning how to play the accordion is not easy, but with the Gaita Ponto Accordion Simulator app, you don’t even have to. This app will simulate all of the sounds you want the instrument to make. Read on to learn more about this app.

Gaita Ponto Accordion Simulator App - Learn How to Download and Use for Free
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The Gaita Ponto Accordion App Review

This app can be translated 100% into Portuguese or English. This means that if you are from Portuguese speaking countries, you are able to record and create your own music in your language. You can also simulate several other accordions from all the major brands from all over the world.

Cost and How to Download

This app is absolutely free. You will not be charged to use the app, and in order to download, simply go to the App store, and type the name, “Gaita Ponto”, and then download on your phone. 

It produces High Definition sounds that have been recorded by a professional in an accordion studio. The app comes with plenty of interesting features for a real accordionist to enjoy.

Ability to Learn New Melodies

The app gives you the option to learn new harmonies and melodies. Additionally, you will also be able to create some new rhythms, which you can perform on the bass of the accordion. This can all be measured with time in the correct tempo.

High Definition Sounds

You will be able to listen to the sound the way you like it in High Definition. You will certainly feel like you are listening to a true Italian accordion.

3 Ready to Use Records

On the app, you will find 3 records that are already installed and ready to use. You can also be able to insert more records on the app.

Automatic Rhythm

The app allows an exclusive automatic rhythm system that will help you learn more about the accordion. This is very important for someone who wants to also learn how to play it.

Record and Produce Your Own Music

You will certainly be able to create and produce your own music using the app. There are steps and instructions on how to do this.

Customize the Layout

It is possible to change the size of keys, position the basses, and even the keyboard on the app. These help you in re-designing this app and personalizing it for yourself.

Easy Use and Controls

The app is very easy to use and control. You can increase the volumes of the bass, display notes, and the scrolls as you wish.


Gaita Ponto Accordion Simulator App - Learn How to Download and Use for Free
Image Source: Britannica

It allows you to activate the vibrations by simply pressing a key. You could also sustain the keys and bases on the app, and change the way the sounds will fade out, among other adjustments. 


For a true accordionist, this app will make your dreams come alive. You can modify and change it as you like, which enables you to make the music you want. The app is free to download, which is a great incentive for anyone who loves accordion music.

Make sure you consider the Gaita Ponto Accordion app if you want to learn how to use the accordion, or if you want to use it’s great features.