Ever wondered what your life might be before this life? Well, this might sound crazy, but past life regression is an experience that has lately become popular. One of the prominent psychiatrists who made it immensely popular is Dr. Brian Weiss.

Although past life regression has received a fair share of criticism, the revelation that this technique reveals is unbelievable. While for some it gave them the answer to the fears of their phobias or revealed why they are the way they are.

But, if you are unaware of what all you can achieve with guided hypnosis from past lives, you can do it yourself or in the presence of some trained psychiatrists. We are here to break it down all for you in this article. Read on to learn more.

Guided Hypnosis from Past Lives - Learn How


Past life regression attempts to use hypnosis to recover hidden memories from your life that are hidden in your subconscious mind. A PLR session guides patients out of the everyday noise and puts them into a deeply peaceful state where it’s easier to locate the subconscious mind. 

Several therapists suggest that the guided hypnosis has the power to help people with mental health issues to reveal the origins of traumatic experiences of past lives. 

How Can Guided Hypnosis From Past Lives Help You?

Let’s take a deep dive into the ways it can help you. It can help you learn details about your past life and then guide you to form your present life purpose. It guides you to discover the spiritual connection to loved ones both living and “deceased”.

Guided hypnosis helps you to develop a strong intuition, psychic abilities, and put you to experience the way your immortal soul feels. Guided hypnosis from past life helps communicate with spiritual beings and receive healing energy. It also helps you take control of your anxiety and depression. 

It gets you close to your subconscious mind and helps you explore the inner layers of your mind. You can develop mindfulness, meditation, and visualization skills. Lastly, it helps you learn how to relax and release stress! 

3 Techniques to Help You Achieve Past Life Regression

According to Dr. Brian Weiss, the celebrated therapist, suggests some techniques in his book, Through Time Into Healing. The therapeutic power of these techniques has the ability to integrate your past-life experiences or memories into your present stage of growth. 

However, you should be open to surprises and experiences that drive you in directions as you tap into the deeper and inner layers of your memory, mind, emotions, and soul.

Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal is a great way to note down your inner feelings and workings of the subconscious mind. Journaling your dreams immediately can help you recall your past. 

So, the moment you wake up from the dream, try to recall the dream over and over again to reveal details and quickly note it down. You’ll be amazed at the details.


The goal of meditation is to help you relax, and practicing it is much easier than what most people believe. However, there is no right way or wrong way to meditate. Mediation is best when you are relaxed and your mind is quiet and observant. 

You can achieve active awareness and an observing consciousness along with a state of receptivity with mediation. This method can reveal some great insights. 

To start, find a quiet place for yourself, and try to relax your mind. Start by paying attention to your breathing, till it settles down to a calm and even rhythm. This will help you achieve your goals.


Guided Hypnosis from Past Lives - Learn How

As mentioned by the author, your present life and circumstances contain clues to your past lives, self-observation is the key. If you self-analyze from a detached, non-judgmental, and uncritical perspective, it’ll help you ruminate upon your abilities. 

It may so happen that the remnants of your previous life experiences, might have surfaced as fears or phobias in the present life. 

Asking yourself questions and trying to scout for the right answer can eventually lead to the answer. You’ll not only become aware of your inner fears but also help you gain perspective.

The Bottom Line

Practicing guided hypnosis from past lives can help you connect to your spiritual, emotional self, and get you a positive outlook towards life.