Samsung devices provide plenty of choices for customizing your device’s appearance, including font type. There are a lot of fonts for Samsung devices, but sometimes it can be difficult changing the font.

You can use built-in settings to adjust your Android font or use a custom launcher to do so. Samsung devices have built-in settings for change of font type. 

In this article, we provide a complete step-by-step guide to changing fonts in your Samsung phone! Read on to learn more about fonts on Samsung phones.

How to Change the Font on a Samsung Cell Phone - Complete Walkthrough
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What Makes Samsung Easily Customizable

With its latest and creative Android phones and features, Samsung leads the smartphone industry. The manufacturer just launched the stunning Galaxy S10 series phones with Infinity-O display (a single punch hole front-facing camera cutout). 

Samsung had previously launched its popular Android-based One UI firmware 9 Pie with stunning features. The supplier subsequently took assistance for One UI to Successful Lock 2019. Samsung is where users turn their heads without rooting their Android devices for advanced customization. 

This includes the theme engine (with the Galaxy Themes app), Good Lock, which has support for device configuration tools, icons, fonts, video or live lock screen, Always On View, and much more. 

Now you can install fonts, such as Google Product Sans, Apple Emoji iOS 12, Samsung Fonts, Mac fonts, Android P fonts, and almost any font with an extension available on the site.

Changing Font Settings 

Choose a font size or style that will fit you. You can make the font look small, bulky, or anywhere in between. Check for and pick “Size” and “Type Font” from Settings. 

Then again, focus on font size and design. You can change the font size here by dragging the slider to either the left or right.

To turn this function on or off, tap the toggle switch next to “Bold” font. To alter or add new font types, tap “Font Style”. 

Take notice that big and bold fonts can only function in such applications. If an app fails to support the Massive font size, instead it will use Smaller.

Downloading Fonts in Samsung Phones

Samsung is known for its beautiful configuration options, and the TouchWiz firmware completely featured. The Samsung Galaxy devices’ theme engine is the best thing where only a handful of mobile manufacturers support themes out of the box. 

You have to settle for overlay methods, such as the Substratum Theme Engine, which require root access and can sometimes be very unstable. That’s not exactly the case here. Samsung supports customization of screens with colors, fonts, icons, AOD, and Click.

Other Apps and Tricks to Download Fonts

Aside from the Galaxy Store, you can also try out these apps to download fonts for your Samsung device. iFont supports Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Samsung Note, and Note II.

Fonts for FlipFont 50 supports the Samsung Galaxy series, and Stylish Fonts supports all Samsung models and devices.

Customize to High Contrast Fonts

How to Change the Font on a Samsung Cell Phone - Complete Walkthrough
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If you like the size and style of your current font but wish you could see them better, try turning on high contrast. That will help to make the text stand out more. 

Check for and tap “Visibility enhancements” from Settings. To turn on or off High contrast fonts, tap the turn toggle.


If your font is difficult to see, or you just feel like mixing things up a bit, follow these tricks on your phone to change the font size and styling. You can also spice up the show with additional downloadable fonts by following the tips mentioned above. Start customizing now!