When summer hits, everyone gets excited about outdoor activities. We all can’t wait for that time to put on shorts and indulge at the beach. It is a time when most people love to go on vacation. It is time to buy sunscreen and swimwear.

As we prepare to protect our skin from direct sunlight using sunscreen and umbrellas, we often forget about our phones. Yet everywhere we go, we always have them with us. It’s a common sight at the beach to see phones on the table ‘sunbathing’ too. Unfortunately for them, they are often unprotected.

A phone’s internal temperature depends on its outside environment. Therefore, it will heat up when exposed to hot environments. However, there are other reasons that can make the phone to heat up. These reasons rotate around the battery. If you have many apps running, they drain the battery quickly. This forces the phone to heat up. Find out how to prevent your phone from overheating below.

Turns Off Apps You are not Using

When your phone background has a lot of apps running, it causes your phone to work extra hard. It has to support all of them which makes the phone heat up. The solution to this is to turn off apps you are not using. If you have an iPhone, for instance, all you need is to double press the home button. When the apps display on your screen, swipe the apps you don’t need away. This will save your battery life as well.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Try to keep your phone out of the sun. Every time a phone is exposed to sunlight, it catches heat and retains it. The longer the exposure, the hotter it gets. This can cause problems like a forced shutdown, battery drain, and total meltdown. A meltdown means the central processing unit reaches extreme temperatures and melts down. Remember when the phone forcefully shuts down because of overheating it might not restart.

Take the Case Off

If you realize your phone is overheating even with the case on, it means it’s not helping. Therefore, try to take it off and allow the phone’s heat vents to be fully operational. This is because the phone cover/case blocks heat vents from ‘breathing’. When you allow heat vents to open up, extra heat will flow out allowing the phone to cool down.

Switch Phone to Airplane Mode

When you turn your phone to airplane mode, it allows your phone to use only basic functions. Other functions that are not being used will be turned off. This saves your battery life and avoids overheating. When your phone is in airplane mode calls don’t even come through. It is the time for the phone to hibernate and ‘rejuvenate’.

Keep Phone Brightness Low

When you keep your phone brightness high, it forces your phone to work exceptionally hard. Just like when you have many apps running. The phone has to work hard to keep up with the heat requirements needed for the brightness level. It is advisable to get an anti-glare cover for your phone. Moreover it is affordable and will enable you to see your phone screen in the sun.

Separate Your Gadgets

When you keep your tech devices together, they will likely heat up. Therefore, try to separate your phone, laptop and tablets. If one of them is heated up, it will heat the others. Therefore, don’t keep them in the same bag or pile them on top of each other on the table. This helps them keep their cool.

Don’t Expose Your Phone to Sudden Temperature Changes

When your phone heats up, it is easy to think of putting it in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes. This is dangerous, however. Sudden temperature shifts can shock the device. When a phone is exposed to extreme temperatures, it will strain the components. Also, it will gather moisture which will break your phone.


When you buy a phone, you want it to serve you for some time. When it starts overheating, you may be causing damage to your device. Switch off unused apps, keep it out of the sun, and turn the brightness down. Also, avoid keeping your tech devices together.