Viruses are a type of malware that tend to get into phones and computers. They are dangerous and almost always cause harm. Malware can include trojans, computer worms, viruses, and spyware. Most cyber criminals use these methods to access people’s data. They then use this information for fraud, theft, or to commit other cyber-crimes.

Unknown to many people, malware is created to generate revenue for cybercriminals. It can steal your personal information, install adware, or cause your device to send messages that cost an arm and a leg. In fact, they can even steal your contact list, location, passwords and so much more.

When your phone has malware, it puts you at risk for hackers to steal your personal information as it is not protected. They can, in turn, sell this info on the dark web, encrypt personal data, or lock your mobile phone. Here is how you can remove these viruses from your mobile phone.

How to Remove Viruses from Mobile Phones

How to Know Your Mobile Phone has a Virus

Phones get damaged every day, both internally and externally. Whereas the external bit can easily be seen and fixed, it is quite hard to see and the internal damages. Here are signs that you have malware on your mobile phone.

  • Receiving higher phone bills for unknown reasons
  • Apps keep stalling and taking too long to load
  • Lots of pop-up ads
  • Having a high data usage
  • Unexpected usage of data
  • Having apps that you never downloaded
  • Your phone suddenly becomes extremely slow

Checking for Malware on Your Mobile Phone

One of the safest ways to check for a virus is to run an antivirus scan on your mobile phone. Before purchasing a program, however, be sure to check the compatibility with your phone. 

There are hundreds available on the market, so you need to choose what is best for you. Some are free, while you will have to pay to use others.

Be sure to install software that will do a thorough job without skipping any vulnerabilities. When you don’t scan your mobile phone thoroughly, it poses a risk for other cyberattacks. We recommend the Norton Mobile Security for Android as it will clear all the viruses on your mobile phone.

Tips on How to Remove Viruses from Your Mobile Phone

If your phone has indications of a virus, it’s essential to stop the malware from causing even more damage to your phone. Here is how you can achieve that.

For starters, switch off your phone and then reboot it in safe mode. You can press the power button to access all these options. If you have an Android phone, it should display the option of restarting in “safe mode.” 

On your Android, press the power button until the animation starts. Then, press and hold your phone’s lower volume button. Hold it a little longer, and your phone will restart. At this point, you should be able to see a “safe mode” at the bottom of the screen.

Go ahead and uninstall the app that is causing problems. Go to settings, uninstall, or force close the app. Whereas this method might not remove the virus, it may stop further damage that it can cause to your phone. 

Check for any apps that might be infected and delete them immediately as well. After you are done, go ahead and install a robust mobile phone security app on your device.

How to Protect your Mobile Device Against Viruses

If you value your device security, you need to invest in robust security software to protect your phone. Always update your software and operating systems with the latest versions. 

It is important that you never click on suspicious links or anything you are not familiar with in text messages or emails. Also, be sure to use complicated, strong passwords, or have a password manager.

Avoid using unfamiliar or unsecured WI-FI connections. If you are using public WI-FI, be sure to have a VPN. Last but not least, always use trusted sources such as the Google Play Store to install your apps. Always read the fine print to understand exactly how every app works.

How to Remove Viruses from Mobile Phones

Bottom Line

The fact that you are reading this shows that you care about your phone security. Never wait too long to protect your phone, sometimes it might be too late. Installing a good antivirus program will not only protect your mobile device but it will also likely save you lots of money in the long run.