Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to sleep being an English speaking citizen, and wake up the next morning having a chat with your Spanish-speaking neighbors in their native language? Just think how many communication problems would be solved if you could be bilingual.

Learning Spanish is a herculean task for many people all across the world. While some several classes and programs promise to teach you a new language in a short time frame, many individuals fail to master the new language.

There is a new technique that is catching people’s attention who are willing to learn Spanish and speak it like a pro. It incorporates hypnosis to help individuals learn Spanish. Let us look at what experts have to say.

Hypnosis to Learn Spanish - Learn How

What Is Hypnosis?

The American Psychological Association defines hypnosis as the therapeutic technique in which clinicians make suggestions to individuals who have undergone a procedure designed to relax and focus their minds.

Because of the relaxing and focusing effect, most clinicians nowadays agree that hypnosis can be a powerful tool for multiple conditions.

According to a Stanford University study, people who are hypnotized feel less self-conscious about themselves and their actions even after the hypnosis session is over. This allows the hypnotherapist to suggest behavioral changes. But, it will normally only have an affect if the person is willing to change.

Now you can easily say you are complying with the two main conditions. You want to learn Spanish and are prepared to be hypnotized. What do you have to do now to start your Spanish lessons in your sleep? Again, first look at what experts say before you start looking for your nearest hypnotherapist.

Will Hypnosis Sessions Help You Learn Spanish?

The answer to whether hypnosis can in any way assist you in your Spanish-learning process is not that simple. Steve G. Jones, a Los Angeles-based clinical hypnotherapist and president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists emphasizes that you have to put in the time and learn the language.

According to him, hypnosis sessions before the actual learning of a language starts, improve the way you learn, and the way you express yourself in the other language. But, it can’t magically implant the knowledge into your head.

If you feel you are not language-oriented and will never learn Spanish, hypnosis can help you to be relaxed and more perceptive for learning. However, many people have no trouble learning Spanish vocabulary and basic grammar, but when it comes to speaking in a real-world context, they panic.

The hypnotherapist can in the same way as it prepares you for learning, helps you with hypnosis sessions to change your attitude and self-image, allowing you to speak fluently in Spanish after you’ve acquired the necessary vocabulary and sense for the grammar.

Spanish Classes While Under Hypnosis

Although many are skeptical, language teachers can work with a hypnotherapist when teaching a foreign language. The hypnotherapist hypnotizes you and the teacher starts teaching.

The lesson resembles a traditional lesson where the teacher reads a text, explains grammar or specific words, and repeat the material more than once. In the last minutes of the lesson, the teacher answers your questions.

But, why use this different method? You will be relaxed and lying down with soft music in the background or your earphones. During the whole session, you will be in a state of relaxation.

Don’t worry, you will not slip into a quick nap during the lesson. According to Richard Grandisson, teacher and hypnotherapist at the College de Paris, the brain continues to treat information even when you’re asleep.

The Bottom Line

While many are skeptical about the influence of hypnosis on the language-learning process, some studies indicate definite advantages in hypnosis sessions aimed at the enhancement of your receptive abilities.

There are also teachers and hypnotherapists claiming success by teaching while you are hypnotized.