One of the most popular and most sort after games in the world today is Minecraft. A lot of people across the world are forced to stay at home due to the current pandemic. Therefore, games have become a necessity. They are some of the most popular entertaining factors to help ensure that people remain sane through the tough times.

Minecraft is popular because of the kind of adventure it offers the players. The player gets a wide array of terrains to go through – each with a different twist. A majority of the players play the paid-for version of the game, however.

So, what if you want to get to know more about the game and maybe buy the full version later on? Well, you’re in luck with Minecraft free version, as you can get a feel of the game without buying the paid version. This is the free version, and though it isn’t the complete game, you still get to enjoy the experience of the game.

Minecraft Demo

The first place where you can get the experience of the Minecraft game is the demo that the developer offers. Demos are more popular today than they were before, as you need to get a feel of what exactly you’re buying. It’s more or less like a car test-drive before you can buy the car.

First, to get the demos of the game, you have to visit the Minecraft website. You then have to go to the demo page and follow the easy instructions. Alternatively, you can use this link to jump to the demo page of the site and start playing.

The game comes across a number of devices, and you have to find the right link for your particular device. Also, it is worth remembering that the game isn’t available across all devices like the paid version. You have to register a Mojang account first for you to have access to the game and demo version.

For those who are looking to play through their PCs, they have options for Windows 10 PCs and Macs. The good thing about the version is that it allows you to find out if your PC can run the game. If it doesn’t, you don’t have to waste money getting the paid version of the game before you know if the game can run or not. The game is only available for you on this demo version for 5 days alone.

For consoles, you can also get the demo version of the game. The first console that the game is available on is Xbox, and it’s available on Xbox One and 360. The demo version can be found on the Xbox Store online.

PlayStation 3, 4, and Vista also have access to this game. The free version or the demo version of the game is available on the PlayStation Store. These games, however, are only limited to the tutorial levels of the game. You can save for future conquests when you finally buy the game.

2009 Version

Other than the demo version of the game where you can play the game for a limited time and a limited portion, you can play the game on the 2009 version. This version, however, isn’t the complete game, and you can only play it across a number of sections.

This version is the original version of the game, and it can be classified as the Minecraft Creative mode. And as you’d expect, there are quite a few limitations that come with this version of the game.

You can start the game here, and though you can’t save the game or enjoy the advanced versions that the game has today, you can still enjoy the game. The feel between this version and the paid version that is advanced today isn’t that different.

And though you can’t save, you can open a tab for the game. You can keep the tab open indefinitely and play whenever you want to without having to say goodbye whenever you leave the game.


With the free version of the Minecraft, you get to enjoy a number of advantages and get a good feel for how the game works. And though you don’t get a number of options or advantages that are available on the paid version, you can use it as a test-drive.