The PUBG Mobile game is one of the highest-grossing games in the world and to date, it has generated more than $150 million. It has two main currencies, the BP and the UC. You can earn the BP easily by playing the free games, but the UC can only be earned by spending real money.

To buy the UC currently, you shall need to spend money through the Google Play Credit, or you can pay directly from your bank account. When you acquire the UC, you can spend it to buy the outfits, the elite pass, the vehicle skins and much, much more.

In this review, we take a look at this world famous game. Of course if you are reading this, you are probably a fan, and if you have never played the game, we shall give you tips on how to best play it, and also how to get some free UC while playing PUBG Mobile.

How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile: Tricks & ways to get free UC
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Tips on How to Play the Game

Always Choose Where to Land

A PUBG game can last around one hour, and if things don’t go too bad, it can be over even sooner. One sure way of exiting the game early would be to misjudge your initial spot to land, which is the reason why we have put it first on our list of tricks and tips.

Generally, you should try to aim for the best looting spot on the map you are playing. You should also avoid the other players as much as possible. There are some areas that regularly spawn some of the best weapons and Armour such as the power plant, the military base and many other major towns in the original Erangel.

Unfortunately, other players will be on their way there as well, so there will be some stiff competition at the same places.

Always Loot First and Shoot Later

We cannot emphasize this point enough. If you die while playing PUBG, the game is over. A solo play doesn’t get any second chances and the other squads will be putting your chances of winning at risk.

Once you have hit the floor, your priority should be to gear up so you do not get clipped by the initial skirmishes. You will also find some crucial loot scattered all over the buildings and the supply crate drops.

The supply crate drops usually have the most sought-after weapons such as the powerful AWM which is a sniper rifle. But you shall still not be the only one hoping to grab the spoils.

Shoot Only When Within Range

This is one of the most common rookie mistakes. This will actually get you killed more often than anything else in the PUBG mobile game. Actually, deciding when to hide and when you can attack is very tricky.

You should never open fire unless you know that the weapon you have has a high chance of hitting the target. Knowing when you are in range shall also take some practice for a newcomer. If you have some experience with PVP shooters, then you already have a good understanding of the game’s basics.

Shotguns, such as the SMGs and the S12K, are good for the up-close damage. The pistols and the assault rifles are good for mid-range fights, while the sniper rifles are good for long-range shots.

How to get UC points

This is one of the main desires for anyone playing PUBG Mobile – how to get UC points. We have a few tips for how you can do so.

Gift Cards From Google Play

There are some sites such as AppKarma that give users rewards of free play gift cards when you complete a task for them. These tasks are usually mentioned in the app and the player needs only to register on the app and then they can choose the tasks assigned.

When you fulfill the tasks you earn the points. These points are great for purchasing the google play gift cards which can further be used to pay for the UC points rather than parting with your own real money from the bank.

Online Surveys

For online surveys, you may need to use apps such as Google Opinion Rewards which are actually sort of free cash for the users so they can file out the online surveys. The users need to only answer a few simple questions and then the money shall be credited automatically in their accounts.

When you earn the money, then you can buy UC points from the free money. A tip for earning better through surveys would be to ensure that you read the questions carefully and then answer them accordingly.

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With our tips on how to play the game and to earn UC points, we believe that this game will be much more fun for you. When you have UC, there is practically nothing you cannot do in PUBG. Happy gaming!