Gaming today is a mainstream entertainment activity. People play for fun or money. This, however, was not always been the case. Back in the 80s, gaming was a recreational activity meant to take you off your busy work or school schedule and give you some time to cool off from the long busy schedules.

Games in that arcade era were not so good, especially in terms of visuals and machine speed compared to today’s games. Those 8-bit and 16-bit games can look funny or even wired to the new generation gamer. However, those were the real deal back in the day.

For the new generation gamer who want to sample the games and have the experience of the 80s or the old school folk that wants to relieve their old day’s experience, we have compiled a list of the top classic games that can be played even on modern hardware like the Nintendo Switch or the PS4.

See These Classic Games that Are Worth Playing Nowadays
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Super Mario Bros

Super Mario, the game was first released on September 13, 1985, and grew to become a household name. The game revolved around a plumber who had a mission to rescue a kidnapped princess (who was never at the rescue location) in the mushroom kingdom.

The developers of this game, Nintendo, have since reinvented it and added modern power-up to it to make it more appealing. The original game, however, is still fun to play.  

It will make an old-time gamer relieve the experience of the first time they pounced on the first of the darn goombas. To a modern-day gamer, the original version is what you should see to understand how gaming was like in those days.

Each level can be completed in an hour of cause if you do not use the wrap-ups. This game can be enjoyed by the old school folk or the modern-day gamer.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Developed and manufactured by Sega, Sonic the Hedgehog, the game was a worthy competitor to Super Mario. The blue hedgehog was loved by most gamers and later hated and then loved again. 

That’s a roller coaster of emotions right there. A ride this game is known to give its fans. The developers created the game with what they called blast processing in those days. 

This allowed the hedgehog to race fast horizontally. Kids enjoyed the sight of the main character (sonic) rushing through stages at a great speed. This made them hooked to the game.

With exciting, colorful levels, impeccable character designs, and addictive thumping music, this adventurous game was and remained to be one of the finest two-player games of that era and can still be enjoyed to date.

Pokémon Red

Pokemon Red was played on the game boy and was first released in the February of 1996. Developed by Nintendo, the Pokémon Company, and others, the game grew to become one of the household names of the 90s.

The developers smartly created an addictive loop that has stood the test of time. The game revolves around exploring the created town to capture Pokémon and then defeat the gym leaders within that level.  

This simple cycle has seen many fans come back to sample each released level. The game has an exciting way of revealing new areas.  This gives you the feeling that you are actually on an epic journey in your quest to become the best Pokémon trainer. 

This is a game worth checking out if you are to relieve the Pokémon experience or if you want to experience it for the first time.

Contra (Stop Shooting Me)

The death game, as the old school gamers used to call it. Most kids of those days sucked at this game. Contra was one frustrating game as surviving a level was a miracle. It was tough to stay alive, let alone beat the system. 

Contra was developed by Konami and was released on February 20, 1987, as a coin-operated arcade game, and later in 1988, a home version was released. The game could be played with friends. 

Once mastered, this game was fun as you shot down enemies like the heroes you were. For the modern gamer, this is a challenge to behold.

Aladdin – Platforming perfection

The game was developed based on the animated film Aladdin. Upon release, the game revealed incredible gaming mechanics. It had realistic visuals and music that made playing it seem as if you were in the movie. 

With tight controls, a magical soundtrack, and wonderful visuals, this game deserves your consideration.

See These Classic Games that Are Worth Playing Nowadays
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Gaming has come a long way, and the future is full of surprises. These old school games can be instrumental in making a gamer appreciate the history of the activity they have come to love and enjoy. 

Just check them out on your Play Store or App Store, download and have a look at what they have to offer you as a gamer.