If you’re ready to handle the responsibility of a credit card, you can give the HSCB Gold Mastercard a whirl. Getting a credit card is one of the signs of growing up today. It, in essence, means you’re ready to spend responsibly and handle your debt in the right way.

With a card like HSBC Gold Mastercard, you’re unlikely to go wrong when it comes to choosing a basic card. You not only get a card that offers you a paying option, but also a card which you can earn amazing rewards with as well. 

To learn more about how you can get extra spending power with the HSBC Gold MasterCard, you should read below. More info on rewards and how you can apply for the card can be found in this piece. You’ll also learn how to apply for the card online.

HSBC Gold MasterCard Credit Card - How to Order Online

What Are The Benefits Of The HSBC Gold Mastercard?

You have some major benefits like access to airport concierge services which can be a huge help on your travels. You then have purchase protection just in case the goods you buy are damaged or lost.

If you thought that was it, you’re mistaken as you have price protection too when you use this card. This means that you’ll hardly ever overpay for anything on your online shopping, which online shoppers can appreciate.

Am I Eligible? 

Credit cards have a number of requirements that you have to meet before you’re approved for the card. They include age and employment status in most scenarios as the issuer would like to have some assuring that the card will be paid for. With this card, you have to, first of all, be 18 years old,

You then need to be either employed or self-employed and must be able to prove your employment status. You can do this by providing a computerized copy of your last month’s payslip. Alternatively, you can show a bank statement to prove your self-employed status. A good credit score is also important.

What Are The Fees & Charges?

With this card, you get to enjoy something that you wouldn’t find in most of the cards in the market today. And that is a prolonged 0% intro APR which is something that is a bonus of sorts when you hold this card.

The other thing is that, while other cards would punish you late payments, you are forgiven most of the time when you hold this card. Combine the forgiving policy and intro APR, you have pretty much enough breathing room when it comes to this card.

HSBC Gold MasterCard Credit Card - How to Order Online

How To Apply For The HSBC Gold Mastercard

You can choose to apply for the card by walking into any of the bank’s branches. But that can be a bit hectic and take up more time than, maybe, you have to spare. You can order online.

With technology, a lot of things have changed and the application of credit cards is one of them. By just visiting the HSBC website, you can begin the process of your application today. The process of application is also easy and you can be done with it in a few minutes.

Just click on the ‘credit cards’ menu on the HSBC site. Then find HSBC Gold and fill out the application form.

Bank’s Contact Information

For more information and clarification visit their office branch located on 8 Canada Square, London United Kingdom. However, you can also directly contact them through this link.


With a card with these many benefits for users, no wonder users don’t mind the fact that there are no rewards for spending on the card. This HSBC Gold MasterCard is a card that travelers and online shopper should look into. With all manner of purchase protection, it’s a good choice.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.