Learn about career opportunities at Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd., a top retailer in Japan established in 1920. 

Known for robust financial performance and a diverse workforce, Ito-Yokado provides a dynamic environment for professionals worldwide.


The content includes detailed salary ranges and benefits for various roles. The aim is to offer practical advice to streamline the application process effectively.

Knowing Ito-Yokado

Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd., established in 1920, is led by Tetsuya Yamamoto, the Representative Director and President. 

The firm is robust, with a capital of 40 billion yen. In the fiscal year ending February 2023, Ito-Yokado reported revenues of 1,039,102 million yen. 


Its subsidiary, York, also showed strong performance, contributing 179,737 million yen in sales.

Ito-Yokado's Global Workforce

Globally, Ito-Yokado employs 24,254 individuals, with York adding another 6,547 as of February 2023. 

The company's headquarters is located at 8-8 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8450, and can be reached at 03-6238-2111.


Retail Operations

Ito-Yokado is a dominant retailer in Japan with about 175 superstores nationwide, offering extensive product ranges to meet the diverse needs of its customers worldwide. 

The strategic placement of stores in the Kanto region, encompassing major cities like Tokyo and Yokohama, maximizes accessibility for a substantial customer base.

Product Diversity

The stores are known for their broad selection, with food items making up over half of the total sales. This demonstrates Ito-Yokado's focus on providing a variety of culinary options

Additionally, the stores offer a wide range of apparel and household goods, addressing the different tastes and needs of shoppers around the world.

Market Presence

Competing in Japan's vigorous superstore market, Ito-Yokado holds a significant stance with nearly 12% market share. 

Under the umbrella of Seven & I Holdings, Japan's largest retail conglomerate, Ito-Yokado, has transitioned to focus more intently on its superstore operations, aiming to solidify and expand its market position. 

This strategic shift highlights the company's dedication to enhancing its retail footprint and fostering growth within the sector.

The Good and Bad Side of Working at Ito-Yokado


  • Flexible Shifts: Employees at Ito-Yokado enjoy the flexibility to adapt their work schedules and easily request days off, accommodating their personal needs.
  • Student-Friendly: The environment at Ito-Yokado is conducive for students, offering a supportive workspace.
  • Employee Benefits: Workers benefit from various employee perks, enhancing job satisfaction.
  • Professionalism: Ito-Yokado maintains high professional standards across its global locations, ensuring quality in every interaction.
  • Customer Service Excellence: There is a strong focus on delivering exceptional customer service, with staff motivated to meet high expectations.
  • Challenge-driven: The company culture encourages facing new challenges and striving for success.


  • Gender Discrimination: There are reported instances of gender discrimination that need addressing.
  • Limited International Inclusion: The integration of international staff is less emphasized, which could improve and enhance diversity.
  • Workload Compensation: The compensation may not always reflect the workload, which is an area for potential improvement.
  • Promotion Criteria: Promotions often prioritize tenure over merit, which could be reevaluated to reward skill and performance.
  • Family Leave: Employees with family responsibilities might find it challenging to manage work-life balance when unexpected leave is necessary.

Job Salary and Benefits 

When considering a career at Ito-Yokado, it's essential to evaluate the compensation structure, which reflects competitive salary ranges for various roles, appealing to a global workforce. 

Here's an outline of what employees might expect in terms of annual earnings:

  • Sales Associate: Earns between ¥2,500,000 and ¥3,000,000.
  • Department Manager: Ranges from ¥4,000,000 to ¥5,500,000.
  • Warehouse Staff: Receives ¥3,000,000 to ¥3,800,000.
  • Logistics Coordinator: Paid ¥4,200,000 to ¥5,000,000.
  • Customer Service Representative: From ¥2,800,000 to ¥3,600,000.
  • IT Support Specialist: Between ¥4,500,000 and ¥6,000,000.
  • HR Assistant: Earns ¥3,500,000 to ¥4,500,000.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Ranges from ¥4,000,000 to ¥5,000,000.
  • Financial Analyst: Receives ¥5,000,000 to ¥7,000,000.
  • Social Media Manager: Paid ¥4,500,000 to ¥6,500,000.

Application Process at Ito-Yokado

When you're ready to apply for a position at Ito-Yokado, it’s important to understand the application steps. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Online Application: Start your journey by applying on the Ito-Yokado official careers page.
  2. Creating a Profile: Fill in your details, showcasing your skills and experience.
  3. Submission of Documents: Upload your resume and cover letter in the required format.
  4. Confirmation: After applying, make sure to receive a confirmation email.

Documents and Requirements for Ito-Yokado Application

When applying for a position at Ito-Yokado, it is important to prepare the following documents and ensure you meet these requirements:

  • Resume/CV: Include a detailed resume that outlines your educational background, work experience, skills, and achievements relevant to the position you are targeting.
  • Cover Letter: A well-crafted cover letter should express your interest in the role and detail why your qualifications make you a strong candidate.
  • Proof of Eligibility: You will need documentation that confirms your ability to work in Japan, such as a valid visa or work permit.
  • Educational Certificates: Have copies of your diplomas, degrees, or certificates ready to demonstrate your educational achievements.
  • Professional References: Provide contact information for references who can attest to your professional skills and character.
  • Language Proficiency: For some roles, you may need to provide evidence of proficiency in Japanese and/or English.
  • Identification Documents: Ensure you have a copy of your passport, national ID, or other government-issued identification.

Make sure all documents are current and reflect your qualifications accurately. 

Tailoring your resume and cover letter to align with the job's requirements will improve your chances of advancing in the application process.

Interview Process at Ito-Yokado

To effectively start your application and navigate the interview stages at Ito-Yokado, consider these steps:

  • Initial Screening: Candidates engage in phone or video interviews, allowing Ito-Yokado to evaluate qualifications across a global pool of applicants.
  • In-Person Interview: Prospective employees meet with hiring managers to review their experiences and suitability for the role.
  • Assessment Tests: Depending on the specific job, candidates may need to complete skills or personality assessments.
  • Final Steps: Successful candidates will be approached to discuss job offers.


Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd. stands out in the retail sector, recognized for its longstanding success and significant market presence. 

The company's commitment to various products and strategic locations has propelled its growth. 

For those seeking employment, a clear grasp of the application process and possession of the necessary documents are essential to securing a position with Ito-Yokado, no matter where you are in the world.