More and more cities are being put on lockdown under an Executive Order and that means only essential businesses are allowed to operate. The executive order is designed to manage quarantine measures so folks only go outside for absolutely essential things.

Many executive orders under states now require unnecessary or non-essential businesses to shut down. This is part of the precautionary measures being undertaken by heads of offices to try and flatten the curve of the worldwide pandemic.


This is good for businesses with essential services, but this will inevitably affect those with small and “non-essential” businesses. Some companies providing non-essential services can maintain limited operations. We've put together a list of businesses allowed to stay open under executive order for you.  taking into account the directives provided by public health authorities.

Which Companies Are Non-Essential Under Executive Order? 

Technically, it is up to cities and states to determine what non-essential services are. Still, there are individual businesses that all premises have deemed necessary. The Department of Homeland Security also provided guidelines on staff that are important to the infrastructure.

As cities and countries continue to shut down non-essential firms, what is deemed necessary would likely vary depending on the needs of individual locations. However, companies on which people depend on their daily lives are mostly private.


Typically, non-essential industries are recreational. They do not provide food, safety, financial, or utility help. However, several restaurants have allowed them to operate as long as they close canteen rooms and move to strictly shopping and dining.

As more and more countries have rising cases of the coronavirus, known as the COVID-19, and more and more countries are locking down. With this, it is essential to know which businesses you can still visit during the lockdown.

Businesses Allowed To Operate Under Executive Order

The following types of organizations may continue to operate under Executive Order, but have a legal duty to ensure adequate space is provided for customers and workers. However, this list is fluid and can change from city to city. As the lockdown continues, what remains essentially open are places providing groceries and food services. 



For health reasons, pharmacies also remain open for those looking to buy essential maintenance medicines or vitamins to combat the disease.

News And Telecommunication Services

As health services remain essential, news outlets and telco companies are, too. We see and know new updates about the disease and how it is growing around the world through media outlets.

Medical Services

Obviously, aside from hospitals around the world, other businesses offering medical services are also allowed to stay in business.

Gas stations

For other businesses to work as well, gas stations are remained open for everyone.

Businesses Allowed To Operate During Governor Order


Though now operating at shortened times, banks are still open for withdrawal and money transfer purposes.

Storage And Distribution Facilities

These facilities include delivery services. As not all people are allowed to step out of their doors, they make use of delivery applications for the delivery of essential goods.

Food Manufacturers

To keep supplying groceries their goods for the people, food manufacturing businesses are also allowed to stay open to avoid food shortage.

Maintenance Services

Those in the businesses of water maintenance, solid waste, and other free maintenance services are also required to continue their operations.

Some others, both from physical stores and online, have continued to provide their clients with essential goods and services. Those stores that remain open must follow the new public health recommendations from the government to ensure that they do everything possible to safeguard consumers and staff.

Businesses Allowed To Operate Under Executive Order Conclusion

Businesses can continue to operate using technology, and many companies already provide services online. These severe clampdown measures are designed to ensure the spread of this virus doesn't get any further. The faster we clamp down, the faster we can start to live normally again and get to business as usual.