One minute spent on organization equals hours saved later and now you can organize your day with some apps. Between jobs, events, appointments, and ever-growing to-do lists, many of us feel constantly hurried and anxious. And sometimes our smartphones make us even busier. 

Yet phones can also make your life easier — it all depends on how you use them. We’ve got seven applications and tools to help you monitor your time, create healthier habits, and get reminders so you can organize your day, and feel better. 


Life is messy, sometimes. Staying organized and on board with an endless list of items can be a constant challenge. It’s easy to feel like you don’t get much done if all of your knowledge is spread around various email addresses, journals, and online resources. Worry no more we’ve got apps for it all. 

Organize Your Day With This App - See How To Download

How To Get The Best App To Organize Your Day

Now, choosing the right device or organizational tool to help you organize your life can be just as frustrating and time-consuming as the actual component of your organization. The aim is to help you be as effective and efficient as possible, so here’s a handy list of the best productivity apps.


Time is a precious resource — you can’t stop using it, and you can’t find any of it, because you need it to do anything. From arranging meetings to fulfilling orders, time is behind every aspect of running a company, and you can’t afford to run it poorly.

Inefficient time management can take many forms. Whether it’s procrastination, personal distractions, or tasks that take more time than they should be, there are plenty of things that waste our time every day.

Wasted time means hurried deadlines, a work-life mismatch, and more tension and anxiety. When it comes down to that, you just need to use the time that’s most effective for you.


Google Keep As An Organizer

To start with, you’ll need a note-taking app where you can organize your scribbles, lists, and scattered notes. We like Google Keep, with a quick interface and accessibility across various platforms. In addition to saving your notes, Google Keep gives you a variety of ways to arrange them.

For example, you can mark similar entries with the same color or tag them with different terms, making it easy to link together something similar to “home,” “job,” “kids,” and so on. You can also store several note formats, such as text, lists, finger-or style-drawn scribbles, voice memos, and photos.

Organize Your Day With Toggl

Toggl is an app that you can use to monitor the time spent on projects, as well as manually add entries. Keep your listings sorted by your manager, company, mission, or name can help you organize your day. Add references to the explanation so that you can recall what you did at a later date.

When you manage a squad, you will welcome them to your project and keep everyone’s attention in one position. Visual reports will inform you where you spend much of your time. Paid users also get detailed feedback from Toggl about how to manage their log-based time better.

EverNote Can Help You Organize Your Day

EverNote is a note-taking app that is also the reigning productivity king. Its power is enormous, no matter if it’s just you or the whole team that uses it. Keep track of lists, notes, extensive studies, web clippings, images and sketches, and much more. 

EverNote integrates with all your apps (such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, or Dropbox), allows collaboration across both the app and web browser formats, and presents all your data across one easy-to-use digital workspace, making it easy to handle tasks.

Todoist Will Help You Organize Your Day

Todoist is one of the most successful and well-founded to-do list apps. This robust tool works on just about every platform that offers a vibrant and intuitive interface and contains advanced functionality for those who need it. For example, this app lets you assign a priority to every object.

You can also organize tasks by wrapping them within each other, allowing you to keep work and personal things apart. With routine activities such as cleaning out the trash or paying your phone bill, you can set up to-dos that will be repeated on schedule. Whatever it is Todoist won’t forget about it.

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How Habit List Helps You Organize Your Day

The Habit List tagline is “Create a Better You” and everything inside the app is geared to that. This seeks to subtly inspire you to develop healthy habits, such as filing your paperwork daily or developing a cleaning routine.

To use this feature, simply mark milestones on a calendar or schedule regular behaviors. The app will remind you of the activities you still need to complete and give you progress updates to see how your new routine is going. Its simplicity helps you focus every morning with a shortlist of tasks for the day.

Organize Your Day Conclusion

So the next time you need help in managing your time or organizing your tasks for the day, try out these apps. If you’re organized, you can get more things done in less time. And at the end of it all, you feel less stressed and more confident that you got everything done on schedule.