Securing a job can be challenging for many job seekers. Once an opening at Soriana is identified, the competition is intense. This guide is designed to help you land a job at Soriana.

Interested in applying for a job at Soriana? This guide covers how to apply for jobs at Soriana, reasons to work there, and what to expect when employed. 


Soriana offers opportunities for individuals worldwide, making it an attractive option for many job seekers.

Soriana Overview

Organización Soriana's extensive stores in Mexico offer great value to shoppers. Soriana is the second-largest retailer in Mexico, following closely behind Wal-Mart de México. 

It operates approximately 510 Soriana-branded hypermarkets, offering both food and general merchandise. 


These hypermarkets, along with supermarkets, membership clubs, and mini-marts, span more than 160 cities in Mexico.

Services and Offerings

Many of Soriana's stores provide financial products through the Banamex joint venture SORIBAN, as well as auto shops, clinics, and other services. 

Additionally, Soriana runs around 300 Super City convenience stores and maintains 14 distribution centers. The comprehensive range of services makes Soriana a one-stop destination for many shoppers.


Management and Global Reach

The company is primarily owned and managed by the families of CEO Ricardo Martín Bringas and director Alberto Martín Soberón. Soriana has been serving customers since its establishment in 1968. 

The reach of Soriana's services and products is not just limited to Mexico but aims to cater to shoppers worldwide.

Working at Soriana

Soriana is a great place to work. As one of Mexico's largest retail companies, it offers exciting career opportunities for job seekers aiming to develop and grow their careers.

Soriana provides diverse job opportunities in retail, customer service, logistics, and specialized departments. There are always compelling reasons to choose a career at Soriana.

Soriana's Reputation

Considering a company's reputation is essential when looking for a place to work. No one wants to be associated with a company that has a bad reputation. Fortunately, Soriana stands out positively.

Soriana has a strong presence in the global retail industry and is known for its commitment to customer service and empowering its employees.

Growing Throughout the Years

A company that offers long-term growth and experience is valuable. Soriana allows employees to grow over the years.

Soriana encourages skill development through its programs and internal promotions. There is a better chance of getting promotions and advancing your career within the company.

Inclusive Experience

Another reason to work at Soriana is the inclusive experience. This is evident from the moment you send your application and interact with their accommodating managers.

Respect and collaboration are integral to Soriana's culture. An inclusive experience like Soriana's ensures you are in good hands.

The Benefits You Get From Working at Soriana

Working at Soriana provides numerous benefits. The company offers a comprehensive benefits package to all employees, making it an attractive place to work worldwide.

Healthcare Coverage

Employees receive extensive healthcare coverage, including medical insurance, hospitalization, dental, and vision coverage. Soriana prioritizes employee well-being, ensuring that every employee is well taken care of.

Assistance Program

Soriana provides various assistance programs aimed at improving employees' lives. 

These include counseling services, financial advice, and other support programs to help employees in need. These programs ensure a healthier and more supportive work environment.

Retirement Plans and Paid Time Off

Employees are entitled to paid time off, promoting a proper work-life balance. Applying for these benefits is straightforward, allowing employees to balance their work and personal lives effectively. 

Additionally, Soriana prepares employees for the future with comprehensive retirement programs.

Submitting Your Application to Work at Soriana

Applying for work at Soriana is straightforward, unlike many other companies.

Candidates seeking employment at Soriana will receive updates on their applications promptly.

Here's how to apply for work at Soriana:

Visit the Website

While there are several ways to apply for work at Soriana, the online platform is the most convenient option.

For those who prefer to apply in person, visiting the store allows direct assistance from the manager during the application process.

To apply online, visit the official website and check the available job openings.

Search for Job Openings

The Careers homepage displays all current job openings. Use the search function to find jobs that suit your skills and preferences.

Narrow down your search using various categories until you find the most suitable job opening.

Once you find the perfect job, review the job description and eligibility requirements.

Submit Your Application

Apply for the specific job by filling out the online application form.

Prepare a personalized resume tailored to the job. 

Enter the required information in every field of the application form and upload the necessary documents. Review your details before submitting your application.

Prepare for the Interview

After reviewing your application, Soriana will contact you for either a personal or phone interview.

Practice common interview questions and demonstrate your keen interest in the job.

Make sure to ask for contact details to follow up on your application status.

Signing the Job Offer

If selected, you will be invited to the office for a job offer. Here, you will learn more about the job and its responsibilities.

Sign the job offer if you agree with the terms and salary rate. After signing, you will tour the facility and start your training.

Applying for work at Soriana is designed to be efficient and accommodating, ensuring a smooth process for candidates worldwide.

Common Jobs at Soriana

Soriana offers a wide range of job opportunities across various departments. Here are some common positions available:

1. Cashiers

Cashiers handle transactions at checkout counters. They assist customers with purchases, process payments, and ensure a smooth checkout experience.

2. Sales Associates

Sales associates provide customer service on the sales floor. They help customers find products, offer recommendations, and ensure the store is well-organized and stocked.

3. Store Managers

Store managers oversee the overall operations of a Soriana store. They manage staff, handle administrative tasks, and ensure the store meets sales and operational targets.

4. Department Managers

Department managers supervise specific departments within a store, such as electronics, groceries, or clothing. They manage inventory, staff, and customer service in their respective areas.

5. Logistics Coordinators

Logistics coordinators handle the supply chain and inventory management. They ensure products are stocked and delivered on time, maintaining efficient store operations.

6. Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives assist customers with inquiries, complaints, and returns. They provide support and resolve issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

7. Stock Clerks

Stock clerks manage inventory and stock shelves. They ensure products are available and properly displayed, maintaining the store's appearance and functionality.


Soriana stands out globally as a vibrant workplace dedicated to enhancing the lives of its employees. 

Soriana is unparalleled in its commitment to employee welfare. Don't hesitate. Send your application today and join the Soriana team!