With practically no time and way too many winter holiday restrictions, you are probably wondering how you will enjoy the holidays. It is one of those times, where your creativity is called into question as your family wants to have fun and get rid of the monotony of quarantine.

So, what do you do? A staycation holiday is a vacation that does not need you to go anywhere, but to simply enjoy it right in the comfort of your home.

It is staying in your home, but enjoying some of the leisurely activities that would make you feel like you are on holiday and not bored in your house. Read on to learn some tips for your winter staycation holiday.

Winter Vacation Holiday Ideas - Staycation Edition

Benefits of Staycations

Right now, this is the best way to do your holidays due to the ongoing pandemic, as it ensures you keep a safe distance from everyone else and also ensures that you are able to stay close to your family members of whom you have been quarantining with.

Additionally, if you are on a tight budget, staycations are perfect for your family. If you do not have an interest in going through the hustle of traveling with all the restrictions in place, you can still spend time with your family having fun together.

How Can You Enjoy Your Staycation?

Now, this is a bit tricky, as you are trying to take a break from being at home, and it is, therefore, your responsibility of ensuring that you introduce some good measures to help your whole family disconnect from their daily routines and have some fun in the process.

One of the first things you will need to do as a family is to turn off your smartphones and do not check your emails at all during this time. Also, ensure that you do not feel guilty for not answering work calls and other requests.

You should consider this to be a real and proper vacation in order to enjoy it. So, do not set your alarm clock, do not read the office news, and be sure to treat yourself to things you wouldn’t normally do such as eating a pizza, enjoying some cake, etc.

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

If there are some open places in your hometown that have adhered to the rules of not spreading COVID-19, such as sanitizing, washing hands, ensuring that you keep a 6 foot distance from one person to another, and also wearing masks, then you could plan a visit with the family.

This could be a museum, a park, or a hotel, etc. Visit as a family and ensure that you keep the rules of interaction as they have been outlined to be safe during the visit.

Plan a Picnic in the Backyard

As a family, you could plan a picnic in the backyard, where you will have everything, such as food, some wine for the adults, fruits, etc. 

After eating, play some games together and even come up with some competitions so you can compete against each other as you try to have as much fun as possible.

Keep the TV, electronics, and even smartphones off during this time. Also, look for some exotic foods to prepare that you could only have if you were on holiday and enjoy time together as you staycation in your own home.

Plan a Whole Day of Watching Movies

Winter Vacation Holiday Ideas - Staycation Edition
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Have you ever done this? Just spend the whole day watching either old movies, or Netflix movies as a family. Nobody goes anywhere, and all you do all day is eat popcorn, snacks, and other fun things as you watch movie after movie with each other.


With staycations, it really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you ensure that all electronic devices are off, as you all participate and ensure that you have fun as you spend time with each other.