Emojis and stickers make communicating more fun and you can make your own stickers on Whatsapp. Social networks are some of the best ways that you can use to keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp is one of the most popular modes of communication today.

WhatsApp, unlike the other social networking sites, is quite tailored to majorly focus on the people you know. Think of it, without the person having your phone number, it’s impossible for them to find you. It’s more like your own messaging platform rather than a networking app.


The app developers are always in the market trying to find what works and what makes the users more comfortable. That’s why you have stickers there today unlike earlier when there wasn’t. How to make these stickers, now that’s the question a number of users have. Here’s how to make them.

Learn How To Make Stickers On WhatsApp


Sometimes, words just don’t do it for you or the other person at the end of that text and that’s where stickers come in handy. They are more or less an expression that if you were there face to face, the person would have seen. Stickers are where you can’t describe with words.


WhatsApp Rules on Stickers

There are rules that apply when it comes to creating stickers with WhatsApp. I left unregulated, things may get out of hand, of course, considering the world we live in of cyberbullying and such. You can read about the rules on WhatsApp terms and service page on their website for more info.

How To Create Stickers

To make the stickers on WhatsApp, you need to have carefully gone through the terms and conditions and know what’s acceptable and what’s not. To begin, go to your Play Store and download the Sticker Maker app.

  • The next stage in this process is to click on the ‘create a new sticker pack’ option on the app.
  • Now, name the sticker pack and add the author name – You can name the pack something simple like pack1 and only add the author name if you want to take credit for the creation. If you don’t, it isn’t mandatory and you can skip that section.
  • On the next screen, you are going to see around 30 tiles, now tap any of them and take a photo or any other option that is afforded there. You can use any of the three options that you have there depending on where you’d like to start.
  • After you have your photo, now all you have to do is cut the photo into a shape that works for you. You can either crop or use the other options there. You can cut the photo into a square shape, a circular one, or any other that’s available.
  • You now have a clear photo on the app, but you can lose it at any moment, that’s why it is now time to save the photo. Just click the ‘yes save photo’ button and that’s it, your photo has been saved.
  • The next step is to do the same two more times. That’s until you have at least three stickers. That’s when you can move them [the stickers] to WhatsApp. To add the sticker use the Add To WhatsApp button.

Learn How To Make Stickers On WhatsApp


Just tap on it and the stickers will be added to WhatsApp. A message will show up on your screen once the sticker has been added.

How To Use Stickers On Whatsapp

Now it comes down to how you can use the stickers on WhatsApp. The process is quite easy and you won’t struggle using your stickers when the need arises. Here’s how to go about the whole idea.

Open WhatsApp on your phone, tap the emoji icon the go to the stickers icon. When you get to the sticker ‘page’ you are going to see a new sticker pack. It should be the last one on your list. Select and use the stickers that you have created.

Make Stickers On WhatsApp Conclusion

With WhatsApp being as popular as it is, the developer is always on the hunt to make the app more user friendly. You’re assured as the user that your opinion matters because it allows you to personalize the app. You can convey emotions for which words just won’t do.