TikTok black isn't just an app, it's a lifestyle and if you aren't on board, you need to wake up. Beijing's ByteDance short-form video app just had its biggest month ever with the addition of 75 million new users in December — a rise of 275 percent from the 20 million it added in December 2017.


Given its rapid growth, there are still plenty of people — especially older people — who are not quite sure what TikTok is. TikTok is often referred to as a "lip-syncing" app, which makes it sound like it's some online karaoke experience.

While it is true that TikTok black is home to some traditional lip-syncing, it is generally best known for its music-backed act-out videos and other sound clips that are repeated continuously and remixed by its young users. Let's get into what TikTok Black is all about.


How To Make TikTok Black On Your Phone

What Is TikTok Black?

The App's songs are varied — rock, rap, R&B, electro, and DJ tracks endorse its 15-second video clips. Yet the sounds can also be snagged from YouTube music videos (see: I Baked You A Pie above), SoundCloud or pop cultures — such as strange Peppa Pig or Riverdale soundbites — or just original creations.


The TikTok app is based on the same short-form video model but is much more comprehensive in nature and not only focuses on lip-syncing to music, unlike Musical.ly. In addition to the option to add special effects and filters, the TikTok app provides users a wide range of sounds and song snippets.

There's also an option to add videos produced directly to your camera. TikTok added the reactions feature in September, which enables users to record and share their responses to videos. TikTok has also introduced a digital wellness feature that warns users while spending more than two hours on the device.

Rising To Fame On TikTok Black

The new App is being marketed as a social network for video sharing. Users of TikTok can make a range of videos, including competitions, dance videos, magic tricks, and funny videos. The main differentiating factor between Musical.ly and Tik Tok is that this latter has a much wider video production reach.

The popularity of the TikTok app has grown tremendously ever since its launch. It became the most downloaded picture and video app in the global Apple store in October 2018. The app has currently accrued more than 500 million active monthly users,  in the US it has been downloaded more than 80 million times.

Localized Content

Another main driving factor in the success of the TikTok app is the fact that it has a strong emphasis on localized content, despite being a global application. The App regularly runs local competitions and challenges and records social patterns by using regional hashtags.

TikTok runs the contest "1 million viewers" separately through many countries. Participants are given themes to create videos for each competition, and then awards the top video creators.

This contest not only contributes to the production of thousands of local videos but also helps producers of TikTok gain popularity and followers for each country in which it is held. One such contest, held in Russia in September 2018, received 31,000 video entries from TikTok users and millions of views.

How To Get It To Turn Black

Mid-November, many began asking how to get a dark mode on TikTok Black and turn it on. Russian and Western users post screenshots illustrating the dark-themed TikTok program. This feature has recently emerged and is only available to iPhone owners.

The flipping of an iPhone or iPad dark theme takes place in the environments. You need to go to the section about image management and find the toggle switch responsible for activating the feature. Perhaps quicker and more straightforward, the Control Center immediately flips on a dark theme.

Simply swipe from the top edge of the screen and press the turn icon in the window that opens. Now you've turned your gadget to dark theme mode. That means all big applications are going to be dark too.  For instance, a dark theme will appear on Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.

How To Make TikTok Black On Your Phone

How To Make TikTok Black On Your Phone Conclusion

TikTok has modified the application more recently, updating it to iOS 13. So if you've changed the version in the settings and switched on Dark Mode, a dark theme will appear automatically on TikTok. This app is the next biggest thing so it's time to get on board.