Over 40 years ago, Amigos opened their doors to the public and promised to serve good food to friends and family. They continue to treat customers like family members up to this very day. If you visit any Amigos store today, you can experience the same level of customer service and be served with fresh quality food.

Amigos offers a promising career path for those who want to join the company. They are currently hiring for different positions that you might be interested in. If you want to learn more about how to apply for positions at Amigo, go ahead and check out the article below to find out.

Work at Amigo: Find Out How to Apply for Positions
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Career Paths to Choose at Amigos

Amigos has different kinds of career paths for you to choose from. Each of them will have their own set of advantages and you can apply any time you want. 

Work at Amigo: Find Out How to Apply for Positions
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Every position at Amigos is essential and plays an important role in the overall operation of the store. 

Check out what kind of career you'd like at Amigos down below.


Team Member

Team members help deliver the service that Amigos is known for. They greet and serve the customers while also keeping the restaurant clean. 

Customers can learn more about the menu and other offerings with the help of suggestions from team members. Team members are expected to follow and maintain safe food handling and other protocols. 

If you're planning on applying as a team member, make sure that you have all of these qualities for you to be hired.


Team Supervisor

Team supervisors ensure that every team member gets along well during their shift. They help and foster a friendly and team-oriented work environment. 

They are also expected to lead a team with members ranging from 3 to 20 on a single shift. Team supervisors help develop team members by coaching them and helping them make better decisions on the job. 

They also ensure that all team members continue to follow food safety protocols.

General Manager

General managers help train and develop many other employees at the store such as team members and team supervisors. 

They are responsible for the proper scheduling of all employees, inventory, keeping track of sales, and even processing payroll. Managers often deal with the performance reviews of every employee and their corresponding appraisals. 

Most general managers must have a college degree to be considered for the position.

Benefits of Working at Amigos

When it comes to benefits, Amigos is probably the only restaurant chain in the whole world that delivers tons of benefits to all of its employees. 

Work at Amigo: Find Out How to Apply for Positions
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Everyone gets to enjoy these benefits even those who are newly hired employees. Check out what's in store for you when you work at Amigos.

Flexible Working Schedule

Working at Amigos means you will never have to worry about your schedule. You can provide the best time for you to work for them and they will work a schedule that will fit your needs. 

This is highly advantageous for those who work full-time at the restaurant while also studying. 

Some employees who have other jobs can also take advantage of this benefit so they can fit their schedules properly.

Student Assistance

Speaking of students, Amigos can help you offset some of your school and college expenses with the help of their student assistance program. 

They can even help reimburse your tuition starting from high school up to college. You can earn up to $4,000 worth of tuition reimbursement aside from working extra hours to help you with your tuition.

High School Bonuses

Amigos is one of the only few establishments that allow teenagers to work for them. 

There are certain requirements to fulfill before you can apply and get the job but if you do, you will receive high school bonuses. 

These include extra spending money when you work during lunch on weekends. You also receive a bonus once you graduate from high school.

Health and Medical Insurance

All Amigos employees will be covered by health and medical insurance after 90 days of employment and if they average 30 hours of work every week. 

The company will also pay for their premium, which means that all of your pay will be given to you without anything being taken away for other expenses.

How to Apply for Work at Amigos

Amigos is a great place to work with all the benefits and bonuses that you receive. 

Work at Amigo: Find Out How to Apply for Positions
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If you're planning on applying for a job at Amigos, make sure that you follow their hiring process. 

They have a very simple application process that you can follow every step until you are hired.

Search for Job Openings

The best way to learn if there are open positions for applications at Amigos is to check their official website

The website features many different positions that you can apply for. You can even search for nearby Amigos restaurants that are currently hiring and have the job description available so you can learn more about the position.

Submit Your Application

Once you have chosen your position, you can submit your application online. Fill out the online application form with your details. 

Upload and attach any documents that they may require for your application. 

Review everything before you submit as spelling errors and other mistakes will delay the processing of your application. After submitting, wait for their call for your interview.

Attend the Interview

You will then receive a call about an interview. The interview can be done on the spot through the phone or they will invite you to a video conference call. 

There are also instances when you will be invited to their office for a personal interview. This is all dependent on the position that you applied for. 

At the interview, you will need to provide more context on your resume and be able to discuss your work experience and skills.

Sign the Job Offer

If selected, you will receive a job offer from them. Read the job offer and make sure that you understand every term. 

If you have questions, feel free to ask them. Sign the job offer if you are ready to join the team.


Amigos has been in the business for more than 40 years all thanks to the hardworking employees. If you're ready to join the Amigos family, be sure to follow the hiring process mentioned above.