MaxValu is a global retail chain renowned for quality products and exceptional service. Each store upholds a tradition of excellent customer service and fresh, quality food.

The company offers diverse career opportunities globally and is actively seeking new team members. For more details on how to apply, refer to the guide below.


What is MaxValu?

MaxValu is recognized as a global retail chain that provides a broad range of products aimed at meeting the everyday needs of consumers around the world. 

They operate numerous stores that offer groceries, household items, and personal care products, ensuring accessibility and convenience for shoppers. MaxValu is known for its commitment to quality, affordability, and customer service, making it a trusted name in the retail sector. 

Additionally, MaxValu is involved in various community engagement initiatives and sustainability efforts, highlighting their dedication to social responsibility and environmental care.


Career Paths at MaxValu

MaxValu offers diverse career paths tailored for individuals around the globe, each presenting unique benefits. Applicants are welcome to explore opportunities at any time.

At MaxValu, every role is vital for the seamless operation of the store.

Roles Available:


Team Member

At MaxValu, team members are pivotal in providing the exemplary service the brand is recognized for globally. They interact with customers, ensuring a welcoming environment and maintaining cleanliness.

Team members assist customers by sharing insights into the menu and services offered. They adhere strictly to food safety and other operational protocols.

Prospective team members should embody these qualities to enhance their chances of employment.

Team Supervisor

Team supervisors at MaxValu manage and support the harmony of team members during shifts, promoting a cooperative work atmosphere.

They lead teams of 3 to 20, mentoring them to refine their decision-making skills on the job and ensuring continued adherence to food safety standards.

General Manager

General managers at MaxValu are responsible for the training and development of staff, including team members and supervisors.

Their responsibilities encompass scheduling, inventory management, sales tracking, and payroll processing. They handle performance reviews and appraisals for all staff.

A college degree is typically required for those considering a general manager position at MaxValu.

Benefits of Working at MaxValu

MaxValu is a global retail chain that offers a wide range of benefits to its employees, regardless of how recently they have joined the team. Here's what you can expect when you join MaxValu.

Flexible Working Hours

At MaxValu, the focus is on accommodating your personal schedule. This flexibility is perfect for those balancing education and full-time work or managing multiple job commitments. 

MaxValu strives to tailor work hours to fit your lifestyle, ensuring you can effectively manage your time.

Educational Support

For students employed at MaxValu, the company provides substantial support towards educational expenses. 

From high school to college, employees can benefit from tuition reimbursement programs, potentially covering up to $4,000, in addition to the opportunity to work extra hours to support educational funding further.

High School Bonuses

MaxValu is committed to supporting young workers. The company offers positions to teenagers who meet certain criteria. 

Benefits for high school students include bonuses for working specific shifts, like lunchtimes over weekends, and a graduation bonus, celebrating their completion of high school.

Health and Medical Insurance

After 90 days of employment and averaging 30 hours of work per week, all MaxValu employees receive comprehensive health and medical insurance. 

Importantly, MaxValu covers the premium costs, ensuring that employees receive their full pay without deductions for these benefits and providing financial peace of mind.

How to Apply for Work at MaxValu

Applying for a position at MaxValu is a straightforward process designed to ensure that candidates worldwide can easily navigate their way to potential employment.

Step 1: Online Application 

Candidates should begin by submitting their applications through MaxValu's careers portal

Here, you will provide essential personal details, undergo a brief assessment, and indicate your shift preferences. While MaxValu strives to meet shift preferences, it cannot guarantee all requests.

Step 2: Virtual Job Preview 

After the initial screening, eligible candidates will participate in a 30-minute virtual job preview. 

This session, accessible via any digital device, is mandatory and offers insights into the role's daily responsibilities.

Step 3: In-Person Screening 

Following the virtual preview, you are invited for a quick, in-person screening at a local MaxValu office, lasting no more than 20 minutes. 

This less formal step acts as your personal interview—remember to bring identification.

Step 4: Online New Hire Orientation 

Upon receiving a job offer, the next step is an online orientation session. This orientation prepares you for your first day, covering uniform requirements and workplace safety protocols.

Step 5: Accepting Your Offer 

Upon receiving an offer, please review its terms thoroughly. Questions are encouraged to ensure full understanding before accepting and joining MaxValu.

MaxValu Background Check Process

Pre-employment drug screening is an essential part of the application process at MaxValu and is applicable globally. This may involve visiting a designated MaxValu location to complete the screening, depending on your geographical area.

Different substances remain detectable in your system for varying lengths of time. If you've recently used substances, consider this when deciding to apply. 

It's advisable to delay your application if necessary—it's preferable to postpone than to forfeit the employment opportunity altogether.

MaxValu’s Background Verification

MaxValu conducts a comprehensive background verification for all prospective employees. Your consent for this check is required when you file your application online.

The background check at MaxValu encompasses:

  • Records from the last seven to 10 years
  • Criminal records
  • Credit records
  • Employment history
  • Academic records

If potential issues might arise in your background, MaxValu still encourages you to apply. Many positions at MaxValu are available where background discrepancies may not impede your hiring chances. 

Transparency about any potential issues in your application is crucial—it's better to be open than perceived as deceitful.

How to Check Your MaxValu Application Status

After initiating the application process for MaxValu globally, you will set up a username and password. You can then log in using these credentials to review the status of your application.

MaxValu's application process is streamlined, particularly for positions within their fulfillment centers. 

The organization rapidly reviews applications and initiates training, frequently within a week. If you submit your application today, you could start your new role at MaxValu in just a week.


MaxValu has thrived for years thanks to its dedicated employees. 

If you're ready to join the MaxValu team, follow the hiring process mentioned above and become part of a globally recognized organization.