One of the most important routines that you need to do at home is tidying up. A clean and organized house is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it helps create a positive aura. One of the most popular methods in decluttering is the KonMari method.

The main idea of the KonMari method is tidying by categories, such as organizing by clothes, shoes, books, paper, and the same things at home. It’s a minimalism-inspired approach that is applicable if you have a lot of things at home. 

The person behind this organizing method is Marie Kondo. There are a lot of people who are already practicing KonMari whether in their houses or in their office. Read on to learn different Marie Kondo tips for decluttering and the different rules on how to promote happiness.

Learn These Marie Kondo Tips for Decluttering
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Only Keep Items That Spark Joy

One of the difficult things to do when decluttering is to get rid of things that hold memories. The Mari Kondo method encourages people to think differently, and you need to check if that thing holds a purpose and why you would still keep it. 

Keep things that would only “spark joy”, if it doesn’t, then choose to let it go. If you are having difficulty determining if it sparks joy, then base it on how long you last used it. 

If it hasn’t been used for a year, chances are you will not use it for the coming years, so might as well dispose of it to make space. 

Organize Your Things By Category

In decluttering and organizing things, it’s easier to do it by category than by storing the same kind of things in different places. For example, in fixing clothes, organizing it by category will make it easy for you to get things in the future easily. 

If you have a lot of things, the KonMari method suggests you do scheduling, like clothes today and other things tomorrow. It’s advisable to go over with sentimental items, such as letters and photos, on the last part because these are the things that will consume so much time. 

Arrange Things By Color

After organizing things by category, it’s time to arrange it by color. Arranging it by color will make it look more organized and neat. 

If you are organizing your clothes the simple way of arranging it from the lightest to darkest is the best technique so you can easily choose your outfit and so that it will not look cluttered. This technique is also functional and will help in making your closet look great. 

Make Sure Everything Has Its Place

Learn These Marie Kondo Tips for Decluttering

When you do declutter, making a mess can’t be avoided. You may either create more spaces or need more spaces. To make decluttering easier, it’s ideal to ensure that everything has its own place for easy tidying up. 

If you use organizers and baskets, make sure to label so everyone in your family knows how to locate it in the future. As much as possible, avoid using plastics because it’s harmful to the environment and is not durable compared to using cabinets or organizers. 

In choosing storage or containers, it’s ideal to choose for the ones that are transparent so it can be seen easily.


Tidying up is not all about cleaning the mess to create new spaces, but it means clearing away the clutter to live a comfortable life. 

Marie Kondo helps achieve a higher level of organizing things without exerting much effort. To make decluttering easier, you can use the KonMari checklist to help you every step of the way.