To prepare for a Tesco assessment center or interview, which frequently represents the final stage in the hiring process for many positions, it's essential to understand what's expected. 

Achieving success at this stage usually results in a job offer. This guide details the hiring process at Tesco and provides guidance on how to apply, supporting applicants worldwide.


What Is Tesco?

Tesco stands as a key retail giant globally, not just in the UK. Since its inception in 1919, this powerhouse has expanded to various countries including Ireland, China, Japan, Turkey, and the US. 

The company operates a vast array of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores, offering a diverse selection of products and services. 

As one of the largest employers in the retail sector worldwide, Tesco plays a pivotal role in the global job market.


Common Jobs You Can Apply

Tesco offers a variety of job opportunities globally. The key roles available include:

  • Store Assistant – $22,000 annually
  • Checkout Operator – $20,000 annually
  • Customer Assistant – $22,000 annually
  • Team Leader – $30,000 annually
  • Department Manager – $35,000 annually
  • Stock Control Assistant – $25,000 annually
  • Warehouse Operative – $23,000 annually
  • Delivery Driver – $28,000 annually
  • Online Fulfillment Assistant – $24,000 annually
  • Pharmacy Advisor – $32,000 annually
  • Fresh Food Counter Assistant – $21,000 annually
  • Bakery Assistant – $22,000 annually
  • Butcher – $30,000 annually
  • Customer Service Representative – $25,000 annually
  • Marketing Coordinator – $40,000 annually
  • HR Assistant – $30,000 annually
  • Finance Assistant – $35,000 annually
  • IT Support Analyst – $50,000 annually
  • Supply Chain Planner – $45,000 annually
  • Quality Assurance Technician – $34,000 annually

Online Application Process

The online application process at Tesco is streamlined and user-friendly, catering to candidates globally. 

Start on Tesco's careers website, which displays all available positions along with detailed job descriptions and requirements.


Creating an Account

An account is necessary for applying to various positions and monitoring the status of applications. 

To create an account:

  • Navigate to the careers website.
  • Select "Sign Up" or "Create Account."
  • Enter your details and set a password.

Searching for Jobs

To locate the appropriate position, utilize the search feature on the website:

  • Enter job-related keywords.
  • Adjust the filters by location and job type to refine results.
  • Read through job descriptions to identify roles that match your qualifications.

Application Steps

To apply for a job at Tesco, follow these steps:

  • Choose the position you are interested in.
  • Fill out the online application form.
  • Attach your CV and cover letter.
  • Ensure all information is correct before submitting your application.

Preparing Your CV for Tesco

Applying with a well-prepared CV is essential for a job at Tesco. Your CV should showcase the skills and experiences that are directly relevant to the role you are targeting at Tesco.

Highlighting Relevant Experience

To make your CV compelling, emphasize experiences that align with the job you're applying for at Tesco:

  • List past positions that are relevant.
  • Detail specific responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • Opt for clear and concise descriptions.

Tailoring Your CV to the Job Description

Ensure your CV reflects the specifics of the job at Tesco:

  • Examine the job description thoroughly.
  • Pinpoint the key skills and requirements listed.
  • Modify your CV to highlight these aspects, demonstrating your fit for the position.

Writing a Cover Letter

Your cover letter should complement your CV by expanding on your qualifications:

  • Begin by introducing yourself and specifying the position at Tesco you are applying for.
  • Express your enthusiasm for the role and explain why you are interested.
  • Discuss the skills and experiences that make you an ideal candidate for the job.

Addressing the Job Requirements

Your application should clearly respond to the job requirements of the Tesco position:

  • Reference particular qualifications mentioned in the job listing.
  • Offer examples that illustrate your ability to meet these criteria.
  • Highlight your eagerness to contribute to Tesco on a global scale.

Tesco Interview

Tesco evaluates candidates worldwide through various interview stages, including a phone interview and an in-person assessment at the center. 

These interviews aim to assess key competencies by asking candidates to provide examples of how they've applied specific skills in their past experiences. 

Each session typically lasts around 45 minutes and may cover three to six questions tailored to both the role and the interviewer's focus. Tesco particularly values the following competencies in candidates:

  • Customer focus
  • Drive
  • Teamwork
  • Decision-making management
  • Performance management
  • Personal integrity

Top Tips for Your Tesco Recruitment Process

For those aiming to join Tesco's diverse team and succeed globally, consider these key steps during the recruitment process:

Step 1. Understand Tesco 

Study Tesco's history, values, and pivotal role in the global retail market. Understand its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Step 2. Customize Your Application 

Ensure your application highlights the relevant skills and experiences that align with the job at Tesco. Demonstrate how your background is ideal for the role.

Step 3. Anticipate Interview Questions 

Prepare for common questions such as:

  • What draws you to Tesco?
  • How do you view Tesco compared to competitors?
  • What challenges do you think Tesco is currently facing?
  • Can you provide details of a time you faced a challenge and what you learned?
  • How would you enhance your local Tesco store? Prepare responses that reflect your understanding of Tesco's needs and your ability to meet them.

Step 4. Prepare Your Questions 

Formulate questions that reflect a deep interest in Tesco and the specific role you are applying for.

Step 5. Highlight Relevant Experience 

Use the STAR method to describe how your previous job experiences make you a perfect fit for Tesco. Focus on examples that relate directly to the role you're applying for.

Step 6. Express Your Enthusiasm 

Show genuine excitement about the prospect of working with Tesco. Your enthusiasm will help you stand out.

Step 7. Dress for Success 

Choose smart, business-casual attire for your interview to project professionalism.

Step 8. Demonstrate Flexibility 

Discuss your experiences adapting to changes and overcoming unexpected challenges, emphasizing skills valuable in Tesco’s dynamic environment.

Step 9. Communicate with Confidence 

Maintain eye contact and articulate your thoughts clearly during the interview to make a strong, positive impression.

Step 10. Follow-Up 

Send a post-interview thank-you note to express appreciation and reinforce your interest in the role.

Tesco Assessment Centre

After passing the initial stages of the Tesco recruitment process, many candidates reach the final stage: the Tesco assessment center. 

This event typically lasts a full day and is held at the company's head offices in Hertfordshire or other nationwide locations for store management applicants.

Activities at Tesco Assessment Centre

The activities at the assessment center vary based on the applied scheme. The day begins with an icebreaker to introduce candidates to each other and the assessors.

Tesco Aptitude Tests

Candidates might retake shorter versions of the online aptitude tests to confirm their previous results. Refreshing your memory on these tests beforehand is advisable.

Tesco Presentation

Candidates are instructed to prepare a short presentation for the group. Topics include discussions on risks and opportunities in the applied area. Occasionally, the presentation topic is given on the day.

Tesco Role-play Exercise

In this exercise, candidates take on a role similar to working at Tesco. Scenarios might involve persuading a difficult colleague to adopt a new practice.

Tesco Group Exercise

Multiple group exercises occur during the day. Common activities include building a structure out of paper and sellotape or creating and presenting a sales pitch in groups, with pitches competing against each other. 

Success in these exercises requires collaboration and contributing original, helpful suggestions.

Tesco In-Tray Exercise

Candidates participate in an in-tray exercise to demonstrate workload management, priority assessment, and handling competing demands.


Getting a job at Tesco is rewarding. The interview process is important for success.

Researching the company and preparing answers increases the chances of impressing the hiring team during the Tesco recruitment process.