Are your nights a mess due to a lack of sleep? Do you crawl under the covers with racing thoughts distressing about your problems or things you’re yet to do? 

There is a way to get out of that misery, and you’ll undoubtedly like what it has to offer. It is an incredible way to help you relax and smoothly get some sleep without any struggle. And that’s why millions of people opt for guided meditation for insomnia due to its miraculous beneficial impact. 

There are immensely positive effects of meditating, include relieving stress, reducing anxiety, enhancing brainwaves that facilitate sleep, and boosting melatonin. Read on to learn more about how guided meditations can help with insomnia.

Guided Meditation for Insomnia - Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Practices with Guided Meditation 

To get started with a good session of guided meditation, you should have an audio recording with a voice that soothes your mind and calms your body. 

There are several audio recordings in various languages, accents, and dialects available on the internet that you can use. Some meditation apps like Headspace even offer meditations you can listen to that are guided by your favorite famous people.  

UCLA has an excellent collection of soulful guided meditations. 

Once you have the audio recording of your choice, you are set to follow the guide for mindful sleep. You will be able to visualize positive things and experiences for incredible results in reducing insomnia.

Lay Comfortably in Bed and Scan Your Body

Before you jump right into the meditation, it is essential to prepare your body. So, you need to become more aware of bodily sensations to help you have a connection to the physical self, as you gain greater insight into the causes of unwanted feelings. 

These efforts are similar to grounding techniques. You can achieve grounding by familiarizing yourself with your senses in a comfortable way. Taste, smell, notice sounds, touch, and ease into the present.

You can also mindfully scan it for sensations of tension, pain, or anything that you feel overwhelming. Breathe in deeply through your nose, and out through the mouth, allowing your chest to broaden. 

While breathing out, focus on the present moment and imagine the feelings and thoughts of the day vanishing into thin air. 

Check How Your Mind and Body Feels

Try to take the meditation process slowly by letting it flow naturally without pushing yourself. If you feel thoughts humming around, let them be there; it’s entirely normal. 

At this stage, don’t try to resist what you are feeling no matter how uncomfortable and disconcerting it is. 

As you listen to the recording, focus on each part of your body one at a time, from head to toes, leaving no touchable part behind. 

You will notice different sensations, such as tingling, tension, heaviness, tightness, and temperature, but as you breathe into each part, you will feel more relaxed.

Breathe Deeply and Let Your Body Take the Wheel

Guided Meditation for Insomnia - Step by Step Guide

Now that your body has released all the tension, you’ll notice rising and falling of breath sensation. Just pay attention to the meditation rhythm, and allow your body to feel movements of various parts more clearly.

Once you feel you’re there, please take a deep breath and allow the body to take control of the moment. 

The way you breathe should not worry you because there is no right or wrong method. The thing about meditation that many people have misunderstood, is that putting expectations on the meditation will actually make it harder. You can’t achieve the goal of allowing whatever comes up if you don’t let go of expectations

Some may feel the impact in the stomach and others in the chest. This is perfectly fine, provided that your mind and body are releasing all blockages, bringing you to the present moment. As all thoughts and obstructions clear off, your body will start to soften, but to get rid of any doubts, breathe more deeply.


Nothing feels so draining like sleep disturbances or a complete lack of sleep due to harmful and undesirable thoughts. 

If you suffer from insomnia, remember that there are steps you can take to better your overall health. Try out this meditation to start soothing your incessant insomnia today!