TikTok has been banned in India, and the US, among other countries, are considering banning it as well. This viral social media platform took everyone by storm when it became the most downloaded app in 2019.

It has got lots of features that are attractive to the old as well as the young, but it’s the ability to give everyone a shot at their 60 seconds of fame that makes TikTok one of the most beloved and most popular apps right now.

But, why has it suddenly become controversial to the point of being banned in some countries? Well, the Indian Government banned TikTok and 59 other Chinese apps, on the claim that the apps are using the data they collect from their users illegally. Read on to learn more.

TikTok Banned in India: How to Download All Your Videos from the App

What Happens to Your Videos When the App Is Banned?

Your videos are bound to disappear, but there are some ways of recovering them. But the app cannot be downloaded anymore on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App store in India, although, if you still have it on your phone, it might still be working.

Most TikTok influencers have been reaching out to their followers, for them to follow them on YouTube and Instagram instead. Most of these users would hold broadcasts on the platform and ask their followers to join other social media platforms.

How Can You Recover Your Videos?

Now, there are two ways of saving your videos from TikTok, but you must have the app on your phone first. If you don’t have it, then it’s not going to be possible to download them due to the ban.

Now, the first method will require you to download each video manually, while the other one is by requesting the videos from TikTok.

How to Download – Method 1

On your phone, open the app and go straight to your profile. Next, open “video” by tapping on the three dots icon, and then tap on “save the video”. When you do this, the particular TikTok video may be downloaded and stored on your device.

You can then repeat this process for all the other videos on the app as well. This is actually the fastest method of downloading the videos right now, especially if your phone can still operate the app. 

Contact TikTok Directly – Method 2

TikTok Banned in India: How to Download All Your Videos from the App

This will involve requesting the data from TikTok directly. Once you process the request, you can then download the data within the apps. Open the TikTok app and click on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen.

Tap on the “privacy and safety” tab and then “personalization and data”, and then tap on “download your data”. The next screen will require you to tap on the “request data file”. 

Hitting on this button shall send a request directly to TikTok for them to download your data. It can take up to 30 days for the request to be processed, so be very patient. 

Once you find it, you shall tap on the “download data” tab. You need to tap on this in order to receive the requested data. Keep in mind that when you request a data file, it shall be available for you to download after 4 days, and if you do not download it within the allocated time, then it shall expire. 


With TikTok receiving the ban in India, and the U.S. thinking about banning it, maybe it’s time other countries became wary of this. To be on the safe side, and ensure that you do not lose your content, maybe you should start downloading your videos right away.