It’s difficult not to feel intrigued about PUBG Mobile if you’ve heard of it. After all, with all the hype the game is getting, it’s normal to find interest in what it offers. If you’re one among the curious ones, you’re probably already eyeing to download and give the game a try. 

Whether you want to check out whether the game lives up to its reputation or simply want to follow the trend and keep up with your friends, it’s best to get the app on your own device now. Fortunately, downloading PUBG Mobile is pretty simple and can be done in a few steps. Want to learn how?

Below is a brief guide on everything you need to know as a newcomer in the PUBG world. Discover how to download, install, and play this popular battle royale mobile game by reading our discussion below. Read on and see for yourself whether it truly deserves the buzz. 

PUBG Mobile - Learn How to Download

What Is PUBG Mobile

To start, what exactly is PUBG Mobile? Launched in 2018, PUBG Mobile serves as the mobile version of the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Before its launch, the game’s PC and console versions are already making records in terms of global sales and popularity. With the introduction of PUBG Mobile, players were given the chance to enjoy the game in smaller and more portable screens.

Generally, the game follows a battle-for-survival rule. Specifically, in the PUBG world, players are sent out into an island where they must fight for survival. There is only one main rule for the game: survive to become the last man standing.

Think of it similar to the popular book, The Hunger Games. In the battleground, players are given the freedom to do whatever it takes to survive. This includes looting weapons and other items, hiding within buildings and tactical places, and ambushing other players.

How to Download PUBG Mobile

To date, PUBG Mobile is available on both Android and iOS devices. To download the app, one must simply go to his or her device’s appropriate mobile app store. If you’re an iOS user, simply go to the Apple Store, search for PUBG Mobile, and download the game.

Likewise, if you’re using an Android device, you can get the game by going to the Google Play store, searching for PUBG Mobile, and downloading the app.

Take note the app is available for free, so no need to worry about unexpected charges! Simply click the download button, wait for the download to complete, and you’re good to start.

What to Do After

PUBG Mobile - Learn How to Download

Once the download is complete, the next step is to launch the app and get into the game. To do so, simply click on the PUBG Mobile app. Once it loaded, you can immediately set up your account

Normally, the best bet is to sign in using your Facebook account. This will give the game access to your basic profile information – including your Facebook name and profile picture (it will become your avatar).

Alternatively, you can also choose to log in with your phone or email. Once you’ve set up your account, you’re already good to start. Worry not, because the game will provide instruction for controls and guides about game mechanics.

The Bottom Line

Ready to enter the PUBG world? Get ready to experience the most intense battle royale by trying out your luck in this popular shooter game. Download the app and see for yourself whether the PUBG Mobile lives up to the hype.