Names are for life. They are what other people use to refer to a person, so it is very important to carefully name one’s child. This doesn’t seem like a very difficult task, ​​does it? Well, it can be if the name you have chosen is so inappropriate that it is illegal in a certain country.

Names can certainly be bizarre in many cases; not everyone gets to have a ‘regular name’, for example, Christopher, Sophia, Isabella, or Ryan. When parents choose to name their child something unconventional, most times, nothing comes of it. 

Celebrities are perfect examples of this. Names include North West, Apple Martin, Harper Seven Beckham, and of course Elon Musk’s child, X Æ A-12 Musk.

Discover These Names No One Should Ever Name Their Child

A Royal Name

Naming your child ‘King’ in the United States is illegal, and not only is this royal name illegal, but so are many other names with a royal theme such as ‘Queen’, ‘Majesty’, ‘Master’, ‘Judge’ and ‘Duke’. 

New Zealand has a similar concern with royal names and has outlawed ‘Bishop’, ‘Empress’, ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’. They must have been onto something because they also outlawed various spelling variations of Royal.

Monkey Business

Not just a name of an animal, monkey is also seen as an offensive name to call someone. 

In the United Kingdom and Denmark, you could come face to face with the law if you went that route.

Famous Terrorists 

It’s no surprise that Germany outlawed using ‘Hitler’ as a first name. No one wants that kind of history to repeat itself. Germany wasn’t the only country that went ahead with this. Mexico and Australia have also deemed it so inappropriate that it has been banned completely in both countries. 

Naming your child Osama Bin Laden was also considered distasteful in Germany, making it onto the shortlist of illegal names.

Batman and other Superheroes

Batman made it to the banned name list of both Australia and Mexico. In Mexico, it seems as though there must have been a trend for the locals to name their children after brands or superheroes

Things must have gotten out of hand for an entire list of names to land on the banned list. Names include James Bond, Rolling Stone, Christmas Day, and Rambo. 

Famous Brands

Mexico isn’t the only country that must have had parents choosing to name their children after registered trademarks

In Mexico, ‘Burger King’ has been banned as a name, and in France, parents must have caused an uproar naming their children ‘Mini Cooper’ and ‘Nutella’. ‘Mercedes’ and Chanel are trademarks that are on the no-go list in Switzerland.

Joe Soap

Who would have thought that names that are totally acceptable in one country would be punishable by law in another? Ashleiy and Jakobp, despite their unusual spelling, are absolutely outlawed in Denmark. 

While Germany has the most reasonable list of banned names, Matti is one of the 5 names that are not allowed. In Hungary, parents may name their child Stefán but not Stephan. They must feel so strongly about this since it is the only name on their list!

The Devil in Disguise

Australia was not the only country to ban naming your child ‘Satan’. As it turns out, you aren’t allowed to name your child ‘God’ either. 

But other countries have shown their dislike for the evil theme. In the UK, it is illegal to call your child ‘Akuma’ as it translates to ‘Devil’ in Japanese. 

Perhaps it was for similar reasons that the French outlawed naming your child ‘Deamon’. Switzerland took a similar stand when adding ‘Lucifer’ to its list of banned names. 


Someone must have caused an uproar by naming their child ‘Spinach’ that really upset the Australians, but nothing quite tops the randomness of deciding on ‘Anus’ as a first name, which is a big no-no in Denmark.

Discover These Names No One Should Ever Name Their Child


Just looking at the list of some of these names, it seems clear why they were added to the banned name list, while other names seem to have made it to the list by mistake. It makes one wonder what event in history caused a country to go the legal route.