Riot Games has brought its free-to-play first-person shooter game, Valorant, with a new 1.02 update to the much-awaited ranked competitive mode. 

Developers have also added a lot of other changes to the game as part of the update, including the option to give up early. This means that if you want to take off early or simply do not see a victory insight, you will finally be able to surrender. 

Riot Games has added a surrender feature that allows teams to throw in the towel and jump into another game without having to finish a game that will surely cause a lot of headaches. Check out this complete guide you can use to surrender in Valorant!

How to Surrender on Valorant - See Here
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Surrendering in Valorant 

A player must type one of three commands into the chat to give up in a match. All viable commands are “/ff”, “/concede”, or “/surrender”. This will begin a vote of surrender, in which all team members will be notified of a proposed option of surrender. 

Other team players can vote yes or no to the surrender with the buttons F5 and F6, respectively. Also, players can vote by simply typing the command “/yes” or “/no” into the chat. 

Each member of the team must vote in favor of surrender for a surrender vote to pass. That implies the game will proceed if a single player votes no, or not at all.

Disclaimers and Reminders

The option to propose a vote of surrender is not available until the game reaches at least eight rounds of play. You may have a pretty good idea of where the match is going by this point, and you want to bow out early.

Additionally, each team can only call once per half for a surrender vote. When a vote is proposed, the game will not display the player’s name, which started it. 

When a surrender vote passes, the winning team gets victory credit for each round needed to bring them to 13, and for all subsequent rounds, the forfeiting team receives a losing credit.

You Need to Remember These Things

Once surrender is authorized, the winning team will receive a win credit for each round they need to get to the 13 rounds needed for a win. After that, the surrounding team will receive a loss credit for each round they needed to get to 13 rounds. 

You should not abuse this feature, and you should use this as a last resort only if a Valorant match comes out of hand. 

However, having to get out of a game that has gone out of control and gets you into a new one that is going to be a much better experience for all involved is a good luxury.

Why This Option Exists

How to Surrender on Valorant - See Here
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Matches can be very long in Valorant. A full game can range from half an hour up to 45 minutes, with the ability to play a total of 25 games. It’s incredibly frustrating and deflating to have to stick around in a match, get steamrolled every round, just to avoid penalties or suspensions of any kind. 

Happily, surrender offers an honorable way of cutting your losses and moving on to the next game. 


Valorant is a great video game that has lots of great graphics, and action packed gaming that anyone can enjoy. However, the game is challenging, and can be long, and it was more difficult without the surrender feature. 

If you want to stop or surrender the game, it’s totally possible and easy to do! Try out this step-by-step guide on Valorant now!