Marvel has always produced some of the best heroes of our generation, and they do not seem like they will be stopping any time soon. The greatest of their characters have got to be Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, among others.

But, did you know that before these latest heroes there were others in the past that were just as famous and just as beloved? You probably have never heard of the characters we’re going to be talking about below, but they were huge. 

The creators of Marvel Comic heroes normally have the idea of coming up with good characters that can make an impact on the lives of their fans. They show them the good side of superheroes and give kids positive heroes to look up to. 

Marvel Comics Heroes That No One Remembers
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Marvel Comics Heroes That You Probably Do Not Remember


The Sentry Superhero creators were looking to create “An over-the-hill kind of guy,” who was struggling with addiction and had a good relationship with his dog.

This character was a guardian-type one that Marvel really needed. They originally called him Centurion, but later changed it to Sentry in order to pay homage to what he was doing and who he was. 

Ever since then, he went on to acquire a pretty extensive plot ark and story.


Wither or Kevin Ford was one of the many Xavier Institute students. He was one of the many tragic superheroes who first manifested their power by killing a loved one. 

When he first manifested these powers, his father tried to get him to calm down, but he was later on reduced to dust. This is where his power was. 

He can decay and turn organic matter into dust when he touches it. This is an involuntary power and, unfortunately, it was a difficult thing to deal with as it came with some sort of hunger that caused him to have lots of desire to use it.


You will be surprised to discover this incredibly attractive insect. Wasp was capable of growing big and shrinking at the same time. She had insectoid wings just like a wasp, and she is capable of firing devastating blasts that are bio-electric. 

She was noted by IGN as the 99th greatest comic hero of all time, and she made a cameo appearance on Ant-Man although most people think she deserves her own spin-off show. 

According to Marvel, she is the 5th greatest avenger of all time and has been on several television shows. Plus she has also made some cameos in most movies and is you can also find her in lots of video games.


You’ll be surprised to learn that Dracula has lived in the Marvel universe in the form of Morbius. Yes. Not many people even know that Dracula was an active Marvel Universe member. 

Now, with this in mind, the idea of vampires existing isn’t all that farfetched after all, and in fact, Morbius was a living vampire. Morbius did in fact fight Spiderman on many different occasions and has been considered an anti-hero. 

He is also a tragically-flawed protagonist. His vampirism has been inflicted on him by a doctor due to a biochemical experiment rather than it being a bit of any other biological means.

This caused him to actually grow some fangs and also forced him to ingest human blood. In order to survive, he does in fact suffer some weakness when it comes to crosses, garlic, and running water.


Death is actually a character from the Marvel Universe. Most people do not know this. We are not talking about Lady Death, but actual Death himself. Now although death is an abstract idea in Marvel, he does not have any other powers per se. 

That he can speak and even reason and think is what leaves most readers dismayed. Although the most notable thing about Death is his aesthetic revision in the Deadpool video game, where he becomes Deadpool’s love interest.

Death is not the most familiar character in Marvel comics, and that makes him more interesting. In fact, it’s a topic gaming bloggers need to cover and if they do, they’ll definitely get major hits from curious fans.

Marvel Comics Heroes That No One Remembers
Image Source: Marvel


Check out the Marvel Database that contains most of these past and current Marvel Comics heroes. 

Currently, Marvel has been coming up with some pretty amazing movies, and we don’t know which comic character will be next, so it’s always good to brush up on your knowledge.