The much-anticipated UEFA Champions League is finally coming back on August 7, 2020, after a long break due to the restrictions imposed concerning COVID-19. Fans are beaming with excitement to watch their favorite players on the field. 

The UEFA Champions League is an annual soccer event where the top clubs from all across Europe compete to be named the ultimate Champion. To keep the fans regularly updated with the latest happenings, UEFA has developed a designated app.

This app is an excellent medium for passionate fans who cannot wait to delve into post-match analysis videos, match predictions, and expert opinions. Listed below are the methods through which you can download this app for free. Read on to learn more.

UEFA Champions League App - Learn How to Download Free

About the App

The UEFA Champions League app is your one-stop destination for every bit of information that you need regarding the prestigious league. It practically brings all the important details about the competition to your mobile devices. 

You can track live matches right from the team announcement, pre-match press conference, kickoff, goals, and even post-match highlights. Furthermore, you can access detailed match analysis videos that are curated by former professional players and soccer pundits.

Moreover, you can learn more about season statistics, read informative news articles about the tournament, and track the individual progress of your favorite teams. So, your soccer viewing experience is no longer limited to just 90 minutes on the field. 

How to Download the App

You would be thrilled to know that the UEFA Champions League application is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. Therefore, the app is available for download on the Google Play store and the Apple App store. 

Android Devices

Open the Google Play store application on your mobile device. Thereafter, type UEFA Champions League on the search bar. Click on the first search result. Then, click on Install to initiate the download process. 

iOS Devices

Tap to open the Apple App store on your iPhone. Then, search for the application UEFA Champions League through the search bar. Click on the relevant search result. Sign in with your Apple ID and initiate the download process. 

How to Use the App

Once you have downloaded the app, you will be asked to select your favorite teams that you will be meticulously following during the competition. You will have to select one team that will be your main team.

Based upon your respective choices, your app feed will be personalized as per your favorite teams. So, you would be receiving content specifically curated to cater to your interests. 

Furthermore, you can set reminders for match kick-offs and stream live audio commentary by simply clicking on the option of the respective match. You can also the tournament schedule with your phone calendar to receive reminders. 

UEFA Champions League Website

UEFA Champions League App - Learn How to Download Free

Apart from the mobile application, UEFA has also developed a designated website that serves as your complete guide to the UEFA Champions League. The features of the website are quite similar to the mobile version.

You can read about the history and establishment of UEFA as an organization along with its diverse contributions to the sport. Additionally, you can access the journal as well which provides great insights about the matches and their results.

Furthermore, you can explore the UEFA Store if you are scouting for authentic official merchandise. There are numerous exclusive collectibles that you might want to get your hands on. 

The Bottom Line

With the UEFA Champions League coming back after a long hiatus, passionate fans would be inquisitive to catch all the interesting action, both on and off the field. The upcoming fixtures are all exciting, and fans would not want to miss out on any update. 

Moreover, with the tournament adopting a direct knock-out pattern this year, most enthusiasts as well as soccer pundits will be on the edge of their seats to know the results. During these times, downloading the UEFA Champions League app comes in extremely handy.

To avoid any regret of missing out on the forthcoming exhilarating conversations, it is a good idea to download the UEFA Champions League app. You can download it from the Google Play store or the Apple App store, as per the compatibility of your device.